put forward

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  • verb

Synonyms for put forward

put before

insist on having one's opinions and rights recognized

propose as a candidate for some honor

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In the smoking-room, after dinner, the Colonel put forward the view that Miss Schlegel had jumped it out of devilry.
Four secret interrogatories--and even during the last, when your personality was put forward. .
"My personality put forward?" repeated Razumov, raising his head brusquely.
Edricson, that you will command my guidon-bearer to put forward my banner."
(which took place as the coach rolled along lazily by the river side) that though Miss Rebecca Sharp has twice had occasion to thank Heaven, it has been, in the first place, for ridding her of some person whom she hated, and secondly, for enabling her to bring her enemies to some sort of perplexity or confusion; neither of which are very amiable motives for religious gratitude, or such as would be put forward by persons of a kind and placable disposition.
Holmes seemed struck by the theory thus put forward, and he continued to walk up and down for some time, lost in thought and consuming cigarette after cigarette.
There is something to be said for the theory of suicide which you have put forward. We must apologize for having intruded upon you, Professor Coram, and I promise that we won't disturb you until after lunch.
So I will, and so in fairness I require to have that plainly put forward. Arthur, you please to hear that you have no right to mistrust your father, and have no ground to go upon.'
Jones put forwards as fast as he could, notwithstanding all these hints and cautions, and poor Partridge was obliged to follow; for though he hardly dared to advance, he dared still less to stay behind by himself.
The proposals, put forward by Shropshire Council, were branded unsustainable by the Shifnal Matters action group, which said the development would put too much pressure on to GP practices and schools in both Shifnal and Albrighton.
HUNDREDs of city residents have put forward ideas to transform an a-listed building designed by aberdeen's most famous architect.
Earlier in June, a petition was put forward proposing the referendum.
Labour and the Conservatives have put forward a councillor for all 19 wards, while the Lib Dems have put forward six councillors and the Green Party have put forward two.
Some years ago, I recall that if a proposition was put forward, and enough people added their names to it, the government would have to act on it.
| Claiming membership of the European Economic area and applying to join the European Free Trade Association, but refusing a customs union and Irish Backstop, put forward by Tory George Eustice.