put forward

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Synonyms for put forward

put before

insist on having one's opinions and rights recognized

propose as a candidate for some honor

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I want to thank those who put forward this initiative," said Nazarbayev.
Last week, the public inspector overseeing Durham's proposals on similar lines to Newcastle/ Gateshead indicated he could not approve them, using many of the arguments put forward by the objectors in both Tyneside authorities.
Put forward in a report from Sir David today, the plans, if carried forward, would mean journey times between Leeds and Manchester could almost be cut in almost half while journeys between Leeds and Birmingham, Leeds and Sheffield Meadowhall, York and Birmingham and Nottingham to Birmingham could also be reduced by a half or more, and many more journeys across the country substantially shortened.
Phil Hogan will put forward his own view as to why he's the best person for the job and I'm confident and I hope that as that happens, he will get that role.
No alternative name has been put forward yet but Perth city south councillor Willie Wilson said the idea was worth "serious consideration".
One project was put forward by an independent councillor to remove a grassed area and replace it with tarmac as the area kept getting chewed up.
Over the summer, the group announced it was looking to raise over PS600,000 to secure the lease and fund alterations, and talks had been held with Heritage Lottery Fund officials In a statement released on behalf of the shareholders, Julie Hughes said: "The directors of the Coliseum in Porthmadog have met and voted unanimously to reject the plan put forward by the Friends Of The Coliseum.
PLAID Cymru put forward a policy of no evictions of council tenants for "bedroom tax" arrears to a Cardiff council meeting, only to have it voted down by New Labour councillors.
The UK will put forward a resolution at a meeting of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council in New York.
ISLAMABAD -- Opposition Leader in the National Assembly, Khursheed Shah has put forward the names of Justice (retd) Rana Bhagwandas and Justice (retd) Sardar Raza for the chairman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
The Global Poverty Action Fund's Community Partnership Window allows small, UK-based organisations to put forward innovative ideas in pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals to help the poorest people around the world.
Under proposals put forward by the five health boards at the end of last year, consultantled A&E services will be delivered across no more than four or five sites.
But the conditions which it has now put forward -- or at least been rumored to have put forward -- indicate that it is, in fact, acting out of selfish concerns.
Clift, 32, has had no evidence put forward to two fraud charges and two money laundering charges.
Anwar Saifullah who hails from District Lakki Marwat also apprised the Governor about some of the problems being faced by the people of the area and put forward suggestions for their solutions as well.