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Synonyms for put

consign to


  • consign to
  • place
  • commit to
  • doom to
  • condemn to



assign to


  • assign to
  • place in
  • allocate to
  • consign to
  • bracket with
  • classify with
  • categorize with

put in for something


put someone away

put someone down as something or someone


put someone off: disconcert

put someone out: inconvenience

put someone up: accommodate


put someone up to something


put something across or over

put something aside or by: save

put something aside or by: disregard

put something away: store away


put something away: save

put something away: consume

put something back: postpone

put something back: replace


put something down: record

put something down: put to sleep


put something down to something


  • attribute to
  • blame on
  • ascribe to
  • set down to
  • impute to
  • chalk up to

put something in

put something off


put something on: don


put something on: present

put something on: provide


put something on: add


put something on: switch on


put something on: bet

put something out: issue

put something out: extinguish

put something up: build

put something up: pin up

put something up: offer

put something up: increase

put upon someone

Synonyms for put

to deposit in a specified place

to calculate approximately

to establish and apply as compulsory

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to seek an answer to (a question)


to utter publicly

to express in another language, while systematically retaining the original sense

to convey in language or words of a particular form

put away: to eat completely or entirely

put away: to take the life of (a person or persons) unlawfully

put by: to reserve for the future

put down: to bring to an end forcibly as if by imposing a heavy weight

put forth: to put forward (a topic) for discussion

put forward: to state, as an idea, for consideration

put in: to ask for employment, acceptance, or admission

put in: to spend or complete (time), as a prison term


put in: to use time in a particular way


put in: to come or go into (a place)

put off: to offer or put into circulation (an inferior or spurious item)

put on: to put (an article of clothing) on one's person

put on: to behave affectedly or insincerely or take on a false or misleading appearance of

put on: to take on or give a false appearance of

put on: to produce on the stage

put out: to cause to stop burning or giving light

put out: to bring to bear steadily or forcefully

put out: to present for circulation, exhibit, or sale

put out: to cause inconvenience for

put out: to trouble the nerves or peace of mind of, especially by repeated vexations

put through: to bring about and carry to a successful conclusion

put together: to create by forming, combining, or altering materials

put up: to raise upright

put up: to make or form (a structure)

put up: to prepare (food) for storage and future use

put up: to provide with often temporary lodging

Synonyms for put

the option to sell a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date


Related Words

put into a certain place or abstract location

formulate in a particular style or language

attribute or give


cause (someone) to undergo something

Related Words


Related Words

arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events

References in periodicals archive ?
Pardew said: "Of course, it is important to put down roots in this part of the world.
Travellers must be given the opportunity to settle, put down roots and become part of communities.
That run made him decide to put down roots back in Southern California.
ENTREPRENEUR Allan Gray has finally put down roots after spending five years on the roads of Coventry with his business.
For a scant $20 million, you can put down roots in a tropical paradise.
Now Wills and Kate must consider where they will put down roots once his stint with the RAF in Anglesey comes to a close.
With National Insurance incentives now available to companies starting businesses outside the South-east and East - we need to encourage new enterprises to put down roots in our region.
Of Turkish Cypriot descent, Hassan will be hoping to put down roots at the Galpharm after several moves in his fledgling career.
Flinders is set to keep his place today at Kilmarnock and admits the next few months will be crucial as he bids to put down roots.
Say it softly, but after moving home 14 times, the Cushion family may have finally landed somewhere they want to put down roots.
This tree iniative is, in a quite literal way, an opportunity for individuals to put down roots with the society.
The independent agency put down roots and in 16 years has continued to grow.
Instead, Tomjanovich put down roots like a pecan tree in the not-so-barren Texas landscape.
As a result they were able to put down roots in a particular area, so helping to sustain the local commun i t y.