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otherwise stated

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Put differently, the key determinant in shaping the country will never be Washington's position after "the final victory" against ISIL and al-Qaeda.
Put differently, the Brazilian private sector prefers investing in government bonds to investing in fixed capital.
Put differently, the average family spends about half as much on housing as it spends on taxes.
Put differently, they can wreck the Alliance by not investing in it.
Put differently, science is no longer anchored in social expectations unique to it so that it blends with the rest of society.
Put differently, mean- ingful development and social contentedness seem to be related.
Put differently, this book shows you how to perform your job...
"Put differently, the average household would have been around 5% worse off each year had monetary policy not been loosened in response to the financial crisis."
Put differently, it's not plausible that a conviction requiring an intent to kill or severely injure will rest on conduct that is incapable of fulfilling that intent.
Put differently, Brent crude oil prices are expected to average $9/bbl or 17 per cent above last year in 2018, but prices could pull back in 2019 to $60/bbl as US supply responds and OPEC starts to unwind the supply deal.
Put differently, the squeeze in domestic demand that was caused by uncertainty and an erosion to disposable income was offset by a buoyant trade sector.
Put differently, you will keep your arms properly connected to your torso, using big muscles.
Put differently, BofAML said, it expected Brent crude oil prices to average $9 a barrel or 17 percent above last year in 2018.
Put differently, Ra'fat's nightmares and awake hallucinations prove to be the most credible tool for us to learn more about 'Atteya, as is the case with the other victims of His Excellency.