put away

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  • verb

Synonyms for put away

place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape

stop using


kill gently, as with an injection


Related Words

eat up

turn away from and put aside, perhaps temporarily

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Cash v Stocks & Shares Cash is the most popular option for savers because of the security of knowing there is very little risk to the money you put away.
Michael Shellard added to Hemlington's misery by lobbing the keeper and eight minutes later he put away a tap in before completing his hat-trick.
Male Halifax customers in Wales also have around 28% of their annual earnings put away in savings, equating to PS7,601.
The second period saw the hosts steady the ship with only for young substitute Fra Prior to put away a fourth for the away team who go into next week's Junior Cup game in confident mood.
According to the London daily Elaph, the Lebanese artist Nicole Saba decided for the first time to put away her glamorous side to work at a gas station on the television show "Al Tajrobah" (The Experience), aired on the Egyptian "second channel.
Bush and Kerry put away their pom-poms when it comes to agriculture.
letters, which Mary Jo wisely put away in her safe-deposit box.
In this case the table can be put away under the floorboards thanks to a bit of electronic wizardry.
If you are a 20-year-old man who wants to retire at 65 you need to put away pounds 96.
Moreover, the caregivers have put away any semblance of traditional uniforms.
One side of the hoarding showed Biggs with the phrase: "Hard to put away" - and the other a pint of Bass beer saying: "Easy to put away.
The maximum someone will be able to put away for a year in a retail deposit is pounds 1,000.
Everyone has his or her own idea of retirement, and what they decide to put away for it depends on that idea.
With his logs stacked up like Lincoln Logs, or put away in cabinets the way toys should be, Ireland recalls a time when you could feel like you had mommy back, and all your needs were met, just by playing with your toys.
Each Planktos carbon credit represents one tonne of CO2 that has been removed from the air and sequestered - put away - for a long, long time.