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a small inflamed elevation of skin containing pus

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The rash consists of macules, vesicles, and pustules on the extremities; soles and palms are frequently involved.
1987) and characterized by non-follicular sub-corneal pustules located on the glabrous areas particularly axillae, groin and ventral abdomen (Medleau and Hnilica, 2001).
During the examination, location and number of lesions were noted, and the following signs and symptoms were observed: erythema, edema, tenderness, itching, pain, shining skin, desquamation, hyperkeratosis, fissures, pustules, suppuration, ulcers, deformation of the toes (defined as deviation of the normal axis of the toe caused by intense swelling), deformation of nails, loss of nails, and difficulty in walking or gripping.
Recherches sur la nature et la constitution anatomique de la pustule maligne.
Instead, Dr Boss advises: "If a dirty great pustule on the end of your nose is stopping you from leaving the house and you must get rid of it, get a sterile needle and some surgical spirit and pop it in the least traumatic way possible.
However it is, in fact, a suppurating pustule on the face of an often testing yet fascinating country.
From new mounts, which sport mutant eyes and sick-nasty pustule growths, to awesome Strain-tainted costumes and housing decor (complete with a gnarly-looking Sarlacc Pit), you'll have access to all sorts of awesome themed equipment.
The resistance is evaluated by resistance parts like infection type, latent period, pustule size and pustule density by different methods.
This lately exploded pustule on the posterior of the British body politic" - Description of Gordon Brown's former aide Damian McBride, by Boris Johnson.
The non-bullous form starts as a small pustule that breaks down to release fluid that dries and forms a crust, which may have a golden yellow appearance.
The Ghost of a Mountain, 2005, shows a molehill-size pustule in the ground surrounded by twigs; through a radical shift in scale, it becomes a volcanic peak on which sits a Berchtesgaden smothered in graffiti.
If the pustule number is great enough, root growth and seed production will decrease.
Their venom is injected by a stinger like a wasp's, and they create a burning sensation and a small bump or pustule within eight to 24 hours that can last for 10 days