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a small inflamed elevation of skin containing pus

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The virus was detected in pustule swab specimens by transmission electron microscopy and PCR within 3 hours of sample arrival and confirmed by immunofluorescence assay, tissue culture, and ELISA for orthopoxvirus antigens.
The azathioprine was discontinued and the symptoms subsided with the pustules reduced in size and number.
Pustule appeared on these genotypes were small (1.5-1.7mm) as compare to other susceptible genotypes.
Papulopustular rosacea is defined as a skin disease with prolonged flush, persistent erythema and repeating papules or pustules accompanied with drying, itching and burning sensations of the affected skin.1 Epidermal barrier function was impaired in papulopustular rosacea which showed reduced resistance against irritants and allergens.
The mentioned traits were noted after appearance of the first pustule on the leaves.
If irritated, a papule or red bump results, followed by a pustule, and finally an abscess.
The vesicle center becomes depressed and progresses to a well-formed pustule by the eighth or ninth day.
Disease infection type was scored by pustule type on each plant with 0 = no macroscopic sign of infection and 4 = large uredinia and abundant sporulation.
What disgusted me about this Mediterranean pustule was the way they treat animals.
While the others regarded this throbbing mozzie-bite pustule with growing hilarity, I could see the panic in Pricey's eyes and dispatched her to the pharmacy.
Spores of this pathotype were provided by pathology section of grain department in karj seeds, sapling preparation and amendment research institute after infection of the embryos with mentioned pathotype the latent period, infection type, pustule density and pustule size were measured and compared.
The English translation was like a pustule. It drove you crazy.
Resistance to rust in ICGV# 99003 and 99005 is due to longer incubation (10.7-13.0 d as compared with 7.0 d in TMV 2) and longer latent (14-25 d as compared with 9 d in TMV 2 when first pustule sporulated) periods, reduced number of pustules per leaflet (52-110 pustules as compared with 310 in TMV 2 at 50 DAI), smaller pustule diameter (0.6 mm as compared to 1.0 mm in TMV 2 at 50 DAI), reduced sporulation score (1.7-1.9 as compared with 9.0 in TMV 2 at 50 DAI), and lower leaf area damage (1.4-3.0% as compared with 59.5% in TMV 2 at 50 DAI).
In the randomized, split-face, controlled study of 18 adult Asian patients with moderate to severe acne, low-dose isotretinoin alone effectively controlled papule and pustule acne lesions, whereas NAFL had the additional effect of reducing the number of comedones and improving boxcar atrophic scars, reported Weihui Zeng, MD, and associates from the department of dermatology at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanxi, China.
Bacterial and fungal cultures collected from an intact pustule on the scalp with a standard culture swab should also be undertaken with pustular disease.