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Synonyms for puss

the opening in the body through which food is ingested


the front surface of the head

Synonyms for puss

obscene terms for female genitals

informal terms referring to a domestic cat

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DreamWorks Animation's PUSS IN BOOTS: THE THREE DIABLOS Synopsis:
Antonio Banderas, the voice of Puss, said he admired the feisty feline's "loyalty" and "sense of honour".
Banderas, who had already voiced Puss in Boots in the three last episodes of Shrek, told EFE that what he liked most was "being able to see Puss in Boots' grow over the years".
The Commedia Puss in Boots" is a tale of a young man who follows the advice of a clever cat in extraordinary footwear to achieve nobility and a fine marriage.
Falkirk started this season with an impressive victory over Glamour Puss in the Group 3 VRC Baguette Stakes, stamping himself as one of the leading sprinters in Australia.
But diminutive sword-fighting assassin Puss in Boots clawed to victory with 94 per cent of the vote.
Darling, you may have a sour puss, but it sounds like you've also got a terrific relationship and a fabulous sense of self.
Now imagine that Puss is the cat in front of you when you think (1), but that a nefarious semanticist quickly substitutes similar-looking Midnight for Puss, so that when you think (2), the cat in front of you is Midnight, though you believe it is Puss.
Puss only drank when one of its mother's teats happened to pop into its tiny mouth when she stretched.
The brash Puss in Boots tricks an ogre into transforming himself into a mouse, which Puss promptly gobbles up, so that Puss's master can appropriate the ogre's wealth and win the hand and heart of a beautiful princess.
A new study, however, may make cat owners wish they had never adopted their beloved puss.
Netflix's Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, released today, has 13 points where youngsters can choose what happens next.
Tabby Puss has grown up alongside two dogs and spends so much time with them he thinks he is one.