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an arm exercise performed lying face to the floor and pushing the body up and down with the arms

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You might want to start the floor pushup with your knees bent (put a pillow or blanket under your knees for comfort, if needed) instead of with straight legs.
Anon I AM outraged at reader JM's text about the 22 Pushup Challenge.
com)-- Captain Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson and Team Fight to Walk have started the Pushups for Paralysis challenge.
Since July, barbers Steve Landry, Scott Cordeiro, Ron Savoy and Tina Gemborys have been doing pushups to raise money for playground renovations in Gardner.
7 pushups, (19) more than twice the number in our modern dance participants.
Alternating shuffle pushup: Start in pushup position.
Rotating handles on the Perfect Pushup allow beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercisers to work the chest, arm, shoulder, and back muscles while reducing strain on wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.
Enter the Perfect Pushup from BodyRev, Marin, Calif.
Get into a pushup position and quickly bring each leg forward.
The unit can include a large laser for broad diameter containers and a pushup gauge to measure base pushup depth.
Those of us who can't do even one pushup in the standard, straight-knee mode can bend at the knees when pushing up with the arms.
Louis based tech startup Pushup Social, will be speaking at their upcoming Start Up Your Startup: Smart Strategies for New Business Success event.
Contract your abs and slowly lean forward, gently falling into a pushup position.