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a button to push in order to summon help in case of an emergency

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But fans have to remember that the season is still very young, there's over 130 games left to go, so we're not pushing the panic button yet.
And he knows from experience that despite their disappointing start, no-one is pushing the panic button.
Another frustrating home defeat left the team in third bottom place, but McClaren has no intentions of pushing the panic button.
No one's pushing the panic button just yet," Gatti says.
Savage has not trained since Friday after tweaking a groin injury he sustained at Wembley, but Gould said: "I'm sure he'll be okay - we are not pushing the panic button yet.
Paul Moore says he will not be pushing the panic button despite AFC Liverpool''s 4-0 home defeat to Runcorn Town on Saturday.
Thomas, however, is not worried, adding: "I don't think there are any reasons for pushing the panic button.
We are not pushing the panic button yet but we are getting very close - trust me.
Kenyon said no-one was ready to start pushing the panic button in the hunt for new recruits, ruling out completely any chance of a last-ditch bid to sign Blackburn's Damien Duff.
Ponting said: "I'm not pushing the panic button yet - but we're getting very close, trust me
Two points might be OK from those games - but if they haven't won in those two, you wouldn't quite be pushing the panic button but I would suspect it's only going to get rougher and rougher.
By the time John Terry deflected substitute Henrik Pedersen's last-minute cross into his own net, Chelsea looked a bedraggled unit, though Ranieri's response when asked if he played too many tired players proved he is not pushing the panic button yet.