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Synonyms for pushing

the act of applying force in order to move something away

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"Shut up!" cried Dolokhov, pushing him away from the window.
"Nay, lads, nay!" cried Ford, pushing back the nearest archer.
"Hola, mon petit," said the old bowman, pushing his way through the crowd, with the huge forester at his heels.
I would not have given ten maravedi for my head when those children of the devil were pushing us against the wall.
What he saw was a huge, bull-necked German officer with one arm about the waist of Fraulein Bertha Kircher and a hand upon her forehead pushing her head back as he tried to kiss her on the mouth.
The report covers an unbiased analysis on various market aspects, emphasizing major trends giving direction to the market, key opportunities paving new growth avenues, key drivers pushing the market's growth and challenges and restraints hindering the market for Push Pull Closures across the globe.
Today, let us ask ourselves: Am I pushing just myself, my agenda, my personal ambitions and desires?
A study of 2,414 first-time mums who had epidurals were randomised to "immediate" versus "delayed" pushing. The rates of spontaneous vaginal delivery were same in both groups (around 85%).
Several previous studies have had mixed or contradictory findings on the two most common techniques used in American maternity wards: pushing immediately or waiting about an hour in order to encourage spontaneous birth, which some doctors believe reduces the need for cesareans or forceps.
Then, keeping the rest of your body in a straight line, bend your elbows (keeping them as close as possible to your sides) drawing yourself toward the wall until your nose almost touches it, then straighten your arms, pushing yourself back to the starting position.
Around 20 men were seen slowly pushing a Garuda Indonesia plane, weighing 35,000 kilograms, backwards in the direction of the terminal at Tambolaka Airport in Indonesia.
Gooch goes on to say, "Dark matter, the 96% of the 'missing' mass of the universe is pushing galaxies - and everything in the night sky, the other 4%, around like it was hardly there!"
Researchers measured the forces on the spine caused by pushing a wheelchair, and discovered that people are not good at judging when they are exerting forces strong enough to hurt their back.