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My senses reeled; I felt myself falling, and in clutching at the edge of the door for support pushed it shut with a sharp click!
The man pushed against the crowd towards the gate of the corner house.
There was a concussion, and the black horse came staggering sideways, and the carthorse pushed beside it.
When darkness had settled, De Vac pushed the skiff outward to the side of the dock and gathering the sleeping child in his arms stood listening, preparatory to mounting to the alley which led to old Til's place.
Rosa pushed the table, Cornelius placed the broken arm on it so as to make it flat, and with perfect skill set the bone, adjusted the splinters, and fastened the bandages.
cried one of the men-at-arms whom Little John pushed with his elbows.
The ape-man could not rise, therefore, without pushing the lion away and whether Numa would tolerate being pushed was an open question.
he commanded and placing a palm against the tawny shoulder he pushed the lion aside.
Make a little hole at the center of one end of the cork, just enough for the pine branch stem to be pushed in.
4 : to pressure to do something or work hard at something <The teacher pushed her students to succeed.
There are allegations that pushed trains are more likely to derail because the lighter passenger cabs in the front can be pushed off the tracks more easily,'' the state report said.