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As the phases of the plans play out, each side has victories, but many more wins go to the pushcarts.
He laid the foundation of a farmers' cooperative called Samriddhi to set up a supply chain to deliver fresh and organic vegetables to be sold in customised ice- cooled pushcarts all around Patna.
The East Zone reported 29 murders and 30 injured, while 52 vehicles, 10 shops, a petrol pump and 26 cabins and pushcarts suffered arson attacks.
Once we had simple pushcart peddlers selling corn-on-the-stick, ice drinks and a variety of Mexican foods, along with a tinkling bell or air-horn, with occasional sidewalk hawkers of rugs.
Gul added he used his pushcarts like others for carrying load but this time it was using his facility for crossing over people to the other bank of the road.
While thousands are employed in Coca-Cola bottling facilities worldwide, the backbone of the company's international strength is small comprising independent retailers or vendors, and ranging from corner stores to pushcarts in the largest cities and the smallest villages, many of whom are started by an initial injection of support from Coca-Cola itself.
A: We started with pushcarts in malls and at festivals.
The event, which closed off a portion of 54th Street, featured authentic early 20th century pushcarts as well as delicacies and music from that era.
The confusion reflected the chaos yesterday when suicide attackers set off their bombs and explosives apparently brought in on wooden pushcarts detonated among thousands of pilgrims gathered in the two cities for the holiest day of the Shiite calendar, the mourning ceremony of Ashoura.
While Martini's Venezuelan sales dropped 40% last year, he now has 30 pushcarts in Ecuador and 53 stands in southern Florida and plans to open more in Costa Rica, Spain and perhaps China.
They sell everything from hot dogs to handbags to handmade scarves from simple pushcarts on street corners and fancy kiosks in malls, airports, train and bus stations throughout the country.
The measures will also help significantly those people who are temporarily disabled through accident or injury, the elderly, and those with young children in prams and pushcarts.
The new venture will master lease and operate all new and existing (as they become available) food courts, pushcarts and kiosks at Mills' properties, third party retail facilities, and the food and retail at airports, both international and domestic, where Ogden has or will obtain the food, beverage and retail concessions.
This method of leasing involves the short-term use of any of the following alternatives: kiosks, pushcarts, four-sided glass showcase modules, wall modules (vertical units for corridor walls), and empty stores.
Tenders are invited for Supply and delivery of ms pushcarts for maintenance of sanitation programme to 1 to 24 wards in puttur municipality.