push out

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push to thrust outward

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Sullivan, for instance, suggests that OEMs work with a supplier that offers flexible delivery options such as JIT, rush deliveries, third party drop ships, Kanban (for very short turnaround for ongoing requirements), as well as pull-ins or push outs (without the hassle of unnecessary, additional charges).
Squats with overhead press |x 10 Tricep Press x10 | Push Ups x10 | Bicep Curls x10 | Push Outs x10 | Bent Over Row x10 | Once the five minutes is up rest for one minute and then complete the circuit again.
In "State of the EMS and PWB Industries," William Cage, the director of equity research at First Union Securities, Inc., stated that the industry's inventory correction has resulted in equipment and component order push outs and cancellations, which "limit revenue visibility in the near term." The ugly truth is that inventory is at very high levels for several large telecommunications companies.