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I am in the squad for a reason but now I have to push forward.
The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince said the government of Abu Dhabi attaches importance to the project because of its impact on the strategic planning to push forward development in all fields, based on the accurate data provided by the census.
There is no reason for Brighton to change their positive approach to away games and Colchester will also be eager to push forward as they strive to make amends for their 3-2 loss at Bristol Rovers nine days ago.
Ma said that China hopes to make common efforts with India to keep and push forward the momentum of good development in bilateral relations, increase strategic confidence, deepen mutual cooperation, and strengthen communications and coordination, so that the strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries will move forward in a constant, smooth and healthy manner.
The game sprung into life as both sides looked to push forward and create chances after a sluggish first half.
Scott Dobie was shown the red card for violent conduct following an off-the-ball incident with O's central defender Brian Saah and the home side continued to push forward.
China reiterated it would push forward with energy price reforms and use economic incentives to encourage energy saving in the worldCOs second-largest energy user.
Spurs boss Martin Jol is looking to strengthen the left flank of his team, and Bale's instinct to push forward made him Southampton's most influential attacker.
I wasn't supposed to be in the play, but decided to push forward,'' said Prieto, a freshman defender from Birmingham.
Given the huge cost of converting coal-fired plants to natural gas, the flexibility and reliability they provide in meeting peak demand (no need to worry about low water levels for hydroelectric power or another nuclear plant shutting down for maintenance), and the next generation of clean coal technologies being implemented across North America, it would seem an unlikely scenario that the provincial government would push forward to what at the time seemed like a good election promise.
Outgoing US Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said the US government must push forward with its proposal to allow increased involvement in US airlines by foreign investors even though Congress has shown little appetite for change.
Central American heads of state agreed to push forward a proposal to treat all air traffic over their borders as domestic flights.
The revitalization of Lodi's downtown corridor received a major push forward recently, as Crown Properties, LLC, the owner and developer of the new ShopRite, announced the naming of a general contractor for the superstore.
The West Midlands IT Association has designed the accolade for companies to help push forward a 'credible and thriving' IT cluster.
Sticking to those goals, both NASA and AeroVironment say they intend to learn from the mishap and push forward.