push down

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cause to come or go down

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They were also more likely to "push down" or strain/tighten their abdominal muscles to begin voiding (32.6% vs.
Place two fingers in middle of chest and push down by 4cm/1.5 inches.
A stronger dollar and higher expectations for economic growth tend to push down prices for gold and other precious metals.
Pop the plunger on top and gently push down allowing the air pressure to push the coffee through a micro-filter to make four perfect cups of espresso in 30 seconds.
ANOTHER 6 MILLION FORECLOSURES and stricter lending standards are expected and ultimately would push down the 'U.S.
money push down & turn: burgundy estrella connects the fine
Besides these factors pushing down the yen, an expected fall in manufacturing activity in Japan, translating into a fall in Japan's exports, could push down the country's trade surplus, dampening upward pressure on the yen, They said.
The whistle-blower said lions could jump over a 6ft section of fence and the park's bull elephant, Raja, could push down a section of his compound.
M2 PHARMA-October 12, 2010-Currency effects to push down Sonova's revenue by 4% in FY 2010/11(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
RECORD summer price cuts helped push down the cost of living for the second month running, figures show.
HIGH prices and heavy snow helped push down petrol pump sales in the last part of 2009, figures showed today.
He said that flour will be distributed on people in Karbala within one week to push down an increase flour prices in the province.
bowl over 1 : to hit and push down while moving quickly 2 : to surprise or impress very much
This will push down the total number of temporary workers at the company's domestic production facilities to about 1,000.
"Apparently, these global factors helped push down long-term rates and fueled a U.S.