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someone who supplies provisions (especially food)

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Accordingly, the chief of police at once set out for the palace, taking with him the tailor, the doctor, the purveyor, and the merchant, who bore the dead hunchback on their shoulders.
Vice President Leni Robredo on Wednesday said she would not waste her time responding to critics calling her 'fake news purveyor.
It defines overcharging as price charged in excess by manufacturer, retailer, purveyor or service provider as the case may be of price fixed by or under any law, displayed on the goods or any package containing such goods or displayed on the exhibited price list.
This is the first time the popular vegetarian sandwich purveyor will operate out of a dedicated storefront.
This case study documents the authors' experiences in utilizing Fixsen, Naoom, Blase, Friedman, and Wallace's (2005) implementation framework to guide their purveyor efforts, and outlines solutions to overcoming the challenges purveyors may face when implementing evidence-based programs into primary care.
Boyd Coffee Company, a family owned and operated purveyor of fine coffee, tea, food products and coffee brewing equipment nationwide, has appointed Jeffrey Newman as the company's president and CEO.
purveyor of positive role models for today's youth in the form of plush dolls, makes it possible to cuddle with a 15th-century purveyor of divine wisdom--the "Maid of Orleans," Joan of Arc.
diSEMBOWELMENT Discography, 3xLP boxset (3XM)--Finally available on vinyl (simple black box limited to 500), Australia's legendary and mystical purveyor of punishing doom is here.
Rick Bayless created and cooked at a pair of Chicago's long-running Mexican restaurants, and was purveyor of the multi-million dollar Frontera Foods: here his detailed knowledge and experience of the cuisine lends to Mexican Everyday, which shows how to present flavorful cuisine.
Morris views Hollywood as a purveyor of propaganda, aiming to change what people think and what they value.
Sells counseled, "Don't be afraid to inspect the refrigerated trucks your food arrives on, or call to see that your purveyor is HAACP certified.
A first Dutch retrospective for Rossetti, energetic Victorian purveyor of lust, passion and red-headed femmes fatales.
com, purveyor of mini-Isidore, doesn't actually guarantee that, but it does say he can protect you from "slow connections, bogus information, and objectionable material.
The purveyor or supplier should not only be sensitive to the list's intentions, but should also be learning about his own wines that may fit into the pattern.
The advantage is that a purveyor has in-stock inventory rather than waiting two, three, sometimes four years for a maker to fabricate a special-order knife.