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someone who supplies provisions (especially food)

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Now the purveyor's speech had been made in a loud voice, and was heard by all the crowd, and even if he had wished it, the chief of police could not have escaped setting the merchant free.
Terrified at what we had done, my wife and I took the body on the roof and let it down the chimney of our neighbour the purveyor, whom you were just about to hang.
On hearing the declaration of the Jewish doctor, the chief of police commanded that he should be led to the gallows, and the Sultan's purveyor go free.
Accordingly, the chief of police at once set out for the palace, taking with him the tailor, the doctor, the purveyor, and the merchant, who bore the dead hunchback on their shoulders.
Prince Turki said the recent terrorist attacks against peaceful worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, were a "horrific crime" perpetrated by a hateful purveyor of bias and prejudice.
SHEIKUPURA -- A video on social media went viral Friday in which someone can see clearly that a mob of Tehreek-eLabbaik Pakistan (TLP) protestors were looting bananas from a young fruit purveyor s cart.
E-commerce purveyor Jet.com is again expanding its Hoboken Waterfront Corporate Center headquarters, SJP Properties said Monday.E-commerce purveyor Jet.com is again expanding its Hoboken Waterfront Corporate Center headquarters, SJP Properties said Monday.
It defines overcharging as price charged in excess by manufacturer, retailer, purveyor or service provider as the case may be of price fixed by or under any law, displayed on the goods or any package containing such goods or displayed on the exhibited price list.
Tracing the growing confluence between the world's largest and most influential public forum, the social network giant, Facebook, and the world's most menacing purveyor of global terror - militant Jihadist Islam.
3 March 2016 - Chinese-Canadian coffee purveyor DTS8 Coffee Co, Ltd.
Headquartered in Richmond, Quebec, La Maison Cannelle is a leading purveyor of artisan gluten-free products.
This is the first time the popular vegetarian sandwich purveyor will operate out of a dedicated storefront.
This case study documents the authors' experiences in utilizing Fixsen, Naoom, Blase, Friedman, and Wallace's (2005) implementation framework to guide their purveyor efforts, and outlines solutions to overcoming the challenges purveyors may face when implementing evidence-based programs into primary care.
Tourneau, the high-end purveyor of watches, is ditching its long-time Penn Station digs.
Boyd Coffee Company, a family owned and operated purveyor of fine coffee, tea, food products and coffee brewing equipment nationwide, has appointed Jeffrey Newman as the company's president and CEO.