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an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose (usually associated with nasal discharge)

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Three double-blinded RCTs studied patients older than 12 years who presented to a family practice clinic complaining of purulent rhinitis. (4-6) All 3 studies compared amoxicillin treatment with placebo; outcomes were based primarily on patient diaries that recorded symptoms, including nasal discharge.
University of Cape Town Numbers needed Numbers needed Numbers needed to treat to harm Rhinosinusitis (8) 7 190 Common cold & purulent rhinitis (11) 7 15 12 78 Otitis media (12) 11 24 Acute 11 33 bronchitis ([dagger]) 14 15 ([dagger]) Data combined (19,22) Note: Table made from line graph.
9.2/100 children) and purulent rhinitis (42/100 children vs.
Poor development of mucous gland in the respiratory and gastro-intestinal tract may result in increased susceptibility to respiratory infections, purulent rhinitis, dysphonia and diarrhea.
Antibiotic treatment of patients with purulent rhinitis of less than 10 days duration increased the number of patients who had resolution of the rhinitis 5 days to 7 days later.
Complications of URIs also occurred significantly more often in patients who received placebo rather than Anaferon in otitis media and in purulent rhinitis.