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Synonyms for purulence

symptom of being purulent (containing or forming pus)


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Patients who are diagnosed to have Chronic bronchitis (Presence of cough and sputum production for at least 3 months in each of two consecutive years), now presenting with increased sputum quantity, purulence and dyspnoea with or without fever and leukocytosis.
Purulence noted in the submandibular region (black arrow); B.
Gram stain of pericardial fluid demonstrated microscopic purulence with mixed inflammatory cells.
Intraoperative findings revealed purulence draining from the cervical os.
Physical examination revealed a moderate swelling in her bilateral tonsils with no indication of purulence, and examinations of the lungs, the heart, and the abdomen were normal.
PSI was diagnosed according to IDSA guidelines by the presence of a sinus tract communicating with the prosthesis, histopathological analyses with the presence of inflammatory cells, visible purulence surrounding the prosthesis, and/or identical microorganisms isolated from two or more cultures.
The purulence stopped, and the wound seemed to be healing.
He differentiated the disease from the presence of purulence in the pleura, a fact that pointed to his ability for accurate clinical description.
VAP was diagnosed on clinical grounds based on the modified clinical pulmonary infection scoring system (CPIS) giving 0-2 points each for leukocyte count, fever, type of radiographic abnormality, oxygenation status, purulence and quantity and of tracheal secretions and result of gram stain and sputum culture (table-I).
Once fever, purulence of sputum, or hypoxemia was detected, complete blood counts (CBCs) with differential, chest X-ray or computed tomography, airway secretions cultivation would be conducted.
Statistically insignificant difference was found between the dyspnea, sputum volume, sputum purulence, cough, fever, common cold, wheezing, sore throat but for exacerbation, the difference was significant.
(5) This includes the presence of purulence, advancing cellulitis, or two or more other local signs of inflammation.
Then, the same assessment was repeated after 6 months of nebivolol 5 mg treatment plus asking about: (a) Respiratory related hospitalization; (b) exacerbation: Either due to increase in sputum volume, purulence or increasing cough or shortness of breath that need additional treatment; and (c) change in the on need SABA treatment as increase in frequency of use or a sense of reduced SABA efficacy.
The aneurysmal portion involving the fistula was noted to contain significant purulence requiring surgical debridement.
The clinical diagnosis of sinusitis is generally characterized by the following symptoms [7]: facial pain, facial pressure, facial congestion, nasal congestion, nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, purulence or discolored postnasal drainage, hyposmia or anosmia, fever, purulence on intranasal examination, headache, halitosis, fatigue, dental pain, cough, ear pain, and ear pressure.