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Synonyms for pursy

breathing laboriously or convulsively

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In his mock "Preface" Reynolds portrays Wordsworth as unable to resist making reference to his own work: I have persevered with a perseverance truly astonishing, in persons of not the most pursy purses;--but to a man of my inveterate morality and independent stamp, (of which Stamps I am proud to be a Distributor) the sneers and scoffings of impious Scotchmen, and the neglect of my poor uninspired countrymen, fall as the dew upon the thorn, (on which plant I have written an immortal stanza or two) and are as fleeting as the spray of the waterfall, (concerning which waterfall I have composed some great lines which the world will not let die.) (174)
Rory Cochrane has lost his looks, which works for him in other films, but here the animators have given his lips a repugnantly pursy, overactive fidget; it's sufficiently icky that they cover him with hallucinated aphids in the opening sequence.
'Pursy should have cleared the first goal and there was no communication for their second goal.
'To be honest Pursy's not had the best game and he's had a bit of a nightmare.
Bobby Long John Travolta Pursy Scarlett Johansson Lawson Gabriel Macht Georgianna Deborah Kara Unger Cecil Dane Rhodes A pedigree cast elevates old-fashioned material and lackluster screenwriting in "A Love Song for Bobby Long," a handsome but underpowered, overlong Southern melodrama that struggles to accumulate emotional weight.
Expecting to move in to her mother's dilapidated house, Pursy instead is forced to share the quarters with the two deadbeat alcoholics, who claim Lorraine left them an equal share.
We meet in our diagonals me, heading for the middle-class lawn in its virginal blanket and odd bouffant puffs hovering over the swing-set, and him, bee-lining for some futuristic aluminum garbage cans that must be very compelling, because the shrunk refuses to give ground, and equally that shunk refuses to advance when I give ground My feet are supremely numb and daring in my cheap black pumps with the clean snow melting into my insteps, and this skunk, the type of which I have never seen before I came to Provincetown being more white than black, and looking like a pursy Persian cat, is now having some sort of fit First it stomps its little feet--then arches its back and chitters.
No gentlemanly conductor appeared, none whom you would know to be the conductor by his dress and demeanor; but erelong we began to see here and there a solid, red-faced, burly-looking Englishman, a little pursy perhaps, who made us ashamed of ourselves and our thin and nervous countrymen,--a grandfatherly personage, at home in his great-coat, who looked as if he might be a stage proprietor, certainly a railroad director, and knew, or had a right to know, when the cars did start.
PURSY A Fat and short B Children's game C Welsh granite who am I?