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Synonyms for pursuing

an attempting to accomplish or attain

Words related to pursuing

following in order to overtake or capture or as accompaniment to such pursuit

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Earlier, students pursuing BCom ( honours) from top DU colleges could complete CA easily alongside their degree.
It is clear that teachers of multiple age levels should be concerned with the type of social goals their students are pursuing.
Pursuing the agri-food business affords customers a much quicker pay back.
Agbelusi is a graduate of Tehachapi High School, currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.
Pursuing Johns: Criminal Law Reform, Defending Character, and New York City's Committee of Fourteen, 1920-1930.
An executor who learns that the IRS is seeking taxes owed on a joint return filed by the decedent and his or her spouse or former spouse should investigate the facts surrounding the joint return and the claimed underpayment to determine whether there are grounds for pursuing an innocent spouse claim.
In the process of achieving diversity, the state of diversity in an organization can be placed in range from total exclusion (exclusionary phase) to considering (the club phase), to pursuing (compliance phase), to managing (affirmative phase), to maximizing (redefining phase), and to becoming fully diverse (1).
Racanelli Associates, have announced that they will be pursuing new business directions, each remaining involved in the real estate industry.
If you're interested in pursuing a career in nutrition, your options can seem overwhelming.
In fact, the sergeant requested that the dispatch center contact the officer to find out why the officer was pursuing the vehicle.
These students have dreams of pursuing their dance education at the university, college, or conservatory level, only to find that the curriculum doesn't help them pursue a professional performing career.
The injury and secondary problems with chronic pain prohibited the manager from pursuing the extensive air travel associated with her job.
While the ruling will likely force the company to create an industry-approved version of its site, Napster has been pursuing such a solution for some time, even though the financial viability of such a site model is unproven.
How to Start, Operate & Grow a Business While Developing Yourself and Pursuing Your Personal Goals
Persons with traumatic brain injury have difficulty in shifting vocational expectations and frequently insist on pursuing activities that can only lead to failure.