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a plant of the family Portulacaceae having fleshy succulent obovate leaves often grown as a potherb or salad herb

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What else can stand the heat: Ornamental pepper, zinnia, gazania, moss rose, purslane and euphorbia, to name a few.
It's a crash course in seaweed nutrition: Sea purslane for vitamin A and omega 3; kelp is packed with natural MSG; for every 100g of Nori, 25% is protein; red strands of dulse are high in iodine and make a great substitute for bacon; rock samphire is a blood purifier; while serrated wrack makes for the "ultimate bath bomb" because of the oil it secretes.
The vegetables include Salsola soda (agretti); Crithmum maritimum (rock samphire); Beta maritima (sea beet); Aster tripolium (sea aster); Salicornia bigelovii (samphire); and Portulaca oleracea (common purslane).
Bitter, pungent, and detoxifying, they include dandelion greens, purslane, ramps, sorrel, lamb's quarters, chickweed, chicory, shepherd's purse, escarole, fiddleheads, wild prickly lettuce, mache, nettles, frisee, sour grass, and onion grass.
Purslane is a weed that is common in vegetable gardens, and that's a great place for it because it is delicious.
The first was Not French Onion Soup - an incredibly delicate starter of tofu, slow-cooked onions, miso, sea purslane, onion oil, pickled shallots and dashi.
My favorites included a Stone Fruit Salad (with purslane, burrata, blackberries, charred cucumber, and peach vinaigrette), an extensive global cheese course, and an Alaskan halibut (with fava beans, chanterelle mushrooms, and a corn dashi emulsion).
As I pull purslane from my vegetable garden, carefully placing every remnant of foliage and root (no matter how microscopic) in a bucket destined for disposal in a nearby hazmat depository where the purslane will probably thrive, I consider the fact that I never encounter, say, a cherry seedling pushing up out of the soil, or an unexpected heirloom pepper plant emerging to join its hybrid cousins.
Ingredients 250g dry anchovies Spring onion (bundle) or 1 white onion Green chilli 2 tablespoons water 1 tablespoon ghee or butter 1 teaspoon cumin powder Salt (to taste) Red chilli powder 1 teaspoon black pepper Lemon (up to your taste) Purslane leaves (two bundles) 1 green mango (optional) Preparation Clean dry anchovies by removing heads and tails.
They included omega-3 rich foods such as snails, fish, herring, Greek eggs, Greek cheeses, and purslane. Purslane is a very interesting plant.
In addition to the blood proteins, purslane and scullcap are two other main ingredients in her skin care range.
Purslane plant is one of the most used medicinal plant listed in the World Health Organization.
Purslane (PL), a member of the Portulacaceae family, is an annual succulent herb distributed as turfgrass weed or field crop in diverse geographical environments throughout the world [9].
A canape-sized sarnie of smoked crab sat alongside spanking fresh white meat mayo and a bon-bon of the brown, the whole thing lubricated by dill oil and thoughtfully garnished with sea purslane and wafer-thin slices of preserved lemon.