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a seine designed to be set by two boats around a school of fish and then closed at the bottom by means of a line

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The associated schools of tunas and dolphins are located by a helicopter sent out from the purse-seine vessel and are subsequently captured through the actions of several high-powered speedboats, which are released from the purse-seiner to overtake and herd the associated animals into the closing arc of the purse-seine (NRC, 1992).
This research was funded in part by the European Commission (DG XIV) research project no 96/028: "A study of the causes of the increase in the catches of bigeye tuna by the European purse-seiner tuna fleets in the Atlantic Ocean." This study would not have been possible without the help of the Spanish and French tuna companies and the skippers and crews who accepted observers aboard.
Levy trajectories of Peruvian purse-seiners as an indicator of the spatial distribution of anchovy (Engraulis ringens).
Just to be sure, I wrote to Julio Moron, the head of the association of Spanish purse-seiners, many of whom fish in Kiribati under Ecuadorean flags.
She explains the effort involved in uniting three groups of fishermen: purse-seiners, the largest group, who travel the islands chasing and netting fish not more than two miles off shore; setnetters, who buy a permit and a site, live on the beach, and use nets to catch fish from a specific site; and beach-seiners, who also fish from shore but may wander, as long as their nets have one end anchored on shore at all times.
From the data HNBL has been developing, it is clear that well over 300 international purse-seiners, long-liners and trawlers are fishing off the East African coastline.
That same year, major canneries including Bumble Bee, Starkist and Chicken of the Sea refused to sell tuna caught by foreign purse-seiners that kept entrapping dolphins.