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Synonyms for purr

a low vibrating sound typical of a contented cat

Related Words

make a soft swishing sound

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indicate pleasure by purring

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With a loud purr and a hip-hop/reggae/bluesy kind of a dance when you pet him, he is guaranteed to keep the whole family well-loved and entertained.
Hundreds of pets are being abandoned in Abu Dhabi every year, and while some of them are rescued by groups like Wags and Purrs and eventually make their way to a new, hopefully forever home, many others get killed or die of starvation, as they do not know how to survive the streets.
The 14-year-old feline has become an international celebrity since she gained a place in the Guinness Book of Records in 2012, with a purr measuring a remarkable 67.7 decibels.
The average cat purrs at 25dB but owner Tracy Westwood, 47, said that her cat can be can be louder than the 110 dB that he has been measured at.
When they studied human responses to recorded purrs, even people without exposure to cats found the purrs with embedded messages annoying and difficult to ignore.
What they want to hear is happy birds, and the gentle purrs indicate hens feeding quietly, vocalizing just enough to keep track of one another.
The 12-year-old cat is believed to have the loudest purr in the world - as noisy as a lawnmower or a Boeing 737 coming in to land.
Fauna Communications Research Institute recorded and analyzed the purrs of 47 felids, including cheetahs, pumas, servals, ocelots, and domestic cats.
Q My cat is healthy but she never purrs. Is she happy?
All are healthy but the middle cat who is about four years old never purrs. Is she happy and content?
Even non-cat owners could tell the difference between the purrs when played in a sound studio.
Human volunteers, many with no experience of cats, were asked to listen to the recording and said they found the soliciting purrs more urgent and less pleasant.
As part of the study, owners made recordings of their cats' vocal patterns, recording both their more urgent, like-a-baby's-cry purrs (their soliciting purrs") - and their bog-standard, don't worry about me, "I'm the cat who's got the cream" sounds (the non-soliciting purrs").
Comes over to me after his hunt, Purrs at me - and looks at the table expectantly.
"Because the Cat Purrs: How We Relate to Other Species and Why It Matters" is a deft and scholarly examination of humanity's relationship with its animal neighbors.