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having or showing or acting with a purpose or design

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having a purpose

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In order to ensure reliability and validity of the research, four steps were followed: (i) data was collected using semi-structured interview form based on a conceptual framework related to phenomena in the literature so that actual status of data would be reflected, (ii) data was used as direct quotations from the interviews without making any comments on them, (iii) a purposive sampling method based on voluntarism was used in order to get opinions and experiences of the participants, (iv) data was coded by two independent researchers and Cohen's kappa coefficient was calculated to determine inter-rater reliability of themes (kappa coefficient for this research was calculated as 0.
I do see more local products, many handmade or homemade (for foods), and I see this as part of a more purposive gift-giving, telling people 'local' is good.
In the 1st phase of the study, conducted to find the extent of use of essential medicines in the prescriptions, from February to March 2013, using purposive sampling, digital photographs of 110 prescriptions presented to the pharmacy counter were taken and their comparison with national essential medicines list of Pakistan was made.
Social causation clarifies the thoughts and undertakings of socially positioned purposive participants.
Sampling techniques varied across studies, with mass screening, random and purposive sampling techniques used.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Bar Council has decided to resolve the strength of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan only after determining the mandatory and purposive consultations with the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
Developed by NEDA and DBM with support from UNICEF, the policy framework structures the purposive conduct of evaluations in the public sector.
3) A synthesis of textual, contextual, and purposive analysis is hereinafter used to review the Reference.
An important empirical task is to determine whether purposive muddling is better than best practice when elites have reasons to impede progress for their populations.
In the United States, courts have been divided between the new-textualist and purposive approaches to statutory interpretation, although currently the new-textualist approach appears to dominate.
Intention and Motor Representation in Purposive Action, STEPHEN A.
First engaging with the three strategies of theoretical, purposeful, and purposive sampling, the initial chapters use three cases to illustrate the empiricism of grounded theory and theoretical sampling from the traditions of positivism to constructivism, the practicality and judgments of the researcher implementing purposeful sampling strategies, and the interpretive analytic induction of theoretical or purposive sampling, with examples of these methodologies in practice.
purposive taste of coriander forward and masculine,
A purposive sample of 200 individuals (men = 100 women = 100) was selected from five different Government hospitals of Lahore.