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having or showing or acting with a purpose or design

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having a purpose

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Courts can apply purposive interpretation of the statute to bridge the gap between the law and the safe administration of criminal justice system based on prudence, caution, circumspection and judiciousness,' the top court observed in its 10-page judgment.
Purposive reclamations refer to Legacy Islands on Water (LIoW) islands that are liveable, resilient, safe, sustainable, green, generative, pro-people, future-proofed and innovative and a smart community.
A total of 22/640 specimens had SNT-positive results: 17/592 (10/20 ELISA-positive and 7/55 ELISA-borderline cases) in the random sample and 5/48 (4/5 ELISA-positive and 1/8 ELISA-borderline cases) in the purposive sample (Table).
Ripples Plus is a focused program that aims to expand the supply base of internationally competitive Philippine export products and services and to provide intensified, purposive and practical assistance geared toward the internationalization of MSMEs and expand the global export-market opportunities for large corporations.
In the interest of promoting bilateral trade facilities between China and Pakistan, he expressed utmost aspiration to make these business engagements purposive and productive for the businessmen of both countries.
Iqbal Qureshi expressed utmost aspiration to make these business engagements purposive and productive for the businessmen of both countries.
Purposive sampling method was used to select participants out of the 8,964 patients diagnosed with T2DM at the polyclinic during the six months of the study.
Professor Collier, while discussing the capacity of state institutions to tax and to install checks and balances on the abuse of power, emphasized on the belief of a sense of shared belonging, a sense of fairness and a sense of purposive action.
Secondly, the sampling techniques reveal the type of sampling technique that was adopted in the various studies reviewed for this work with sub-categories mapped out as multi-stage sampling, purposive, simple random, stratified and snowballing.
The interpretation of Canada's constitution, especially the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Constitution Act 1982, (2) has come to be subject to an official methodology of purposive interpretation.
Conducted at Kuwait Teaching Hospital, Peshawar between February and March 2013, in the first phase, using purposive sampling, digital photographs of 110 prescriptions were taken and 94 legible prescriptions were analyzed.
The features of social entities alter notably in time, as a due to the purposive and unplanned conduct of the socially composed individuals who constitute a society.
A sample of thirty tappay has been collected from internet (Google) through purposive sampling for the study, over the time period of six months from 1st October 2014 to 30th March 2015.
Location One location one site One location multiple sites Multiple locations multiple sites Sampling Purposive Sampling--Selecting sample based on known high leprosy endemicity Random Sampling--Selecting sample by random Mass screening--Whole of population screening i.e.