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Synonyms for purposelessness

the quality of lacking any definite purpose

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Sense of loneliness and meaninglessness are quite apparent in Albee's The American Dream (1961) where characters expose essential purposelessness and futility of human existence which projects the hidden meaning of language as language interprets experiences of individual in a different way as the conversation of Grandma and Young Man in The American Dream (1961) where they try to figure out the meaning of life and American Dream in their disintegrated dialogues:
Tethered to wearying and repetitive perpetuity, they cannot encounter the crossover from purpose to purposelessness that my mother-in-law experienced.
It seems to me that Bourdieu, in his concept of "aesthetics of disposition," reprises one of the most fundamental structures of Kantian aesthetics: purposive purposelessness (333-34).
And it is precisely this purposelessness what Aristotle cannot accept, since he thinks that a lack of purpose is absurd.
In trying to find that meaning the journey he sets out on, ends in an abyss where he finds himself in a state of boredom, nothingness and purposelessness, as if life is a most absurd phenomenon.
This production had about it a feeling of the Theatre of the Absurd in its presentation of the couple as often isolated figures, with feelings of bewilderment and purposelessness.
While claiming that meaningfulness is directly linked with wellbeing, research has shown that the personal effects of purposelessness may include self-absorption, depression, addictions, and identity crisis, and the social effects may include deviant and destructive behavior, a lack of productivity, and an inability to sustain stable interpersonal relations (Damon, 2009).
The mnemonic stands for Suicide Ideation, Substance abuse, Purposelessness, Anger, Trapped, Hopelessness, Withdrawing, Anxiety, Recklessness, and Mood change.
This stands for Ideation, Substance use, Purposelessness, heightened Anxiety, feeling Trapped, feeling Hopeless, Withdrawal from friends and family, uncontrollable Anger, engaging in Reckless behavior, and dramatic Mood changes.
This year, two of New York City's boldest improvisers, Jeanine Durning and Jennifer Nugent, join the Bay Area's Alex Ketley and Salt Lake stars Daniel Charon, Molly Heller and Stephen Koester to give workshops, talks and performances: Durning's workshops will focus on "purposeful purposelessness" and Ketley's on "chaos, failure and 'bad' dancing." Meanwhile, Koester, chair of U of U's modern dance department and founder of SDF, will give a Dance and Word workshop.
As a result, most lawyers will experience a sense of purposelessness in their careers, (3) and most low-income Americans will not have access to a lawyer when important interests are at stake.
By which I mean that the city's plight today, its exposure to Putin's whims and a revived Assad's pitiless designs, is a result of the fecklessness and purposelessness over almost five years of the Obama administration.
Ursula rejects natural background and looks outside to a more sophisticated social setting, but towards the end she realizes the purposelessness of social activity and escapes from society.
She endorses the following risk factors: suicidal ideation, purposelessness, anxiety, feeling trapped, hopelessness, social withdrawal, anger, and impulsivity over past few days due to inconsistently taking her mood stabilizer.
"Kundera is a man formed in the fraught years of the Cold War in Eastern Europe, for whom Stalin or Kalinin still have a power as boogeymen they have more or less lost in the minds of younger people in the West." Admirers will likely enjoy this insouciant, mildly metafictional novel, but others may be disappointed by its antiquated views and seeming purposelessness.