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  • adj

Synonyms for purposeless

without aim, purpose, or intent

lacking rational direction or purpose

Synonyms for purposeless

not evidencing any purpose or goal

serving no useful purpose

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In the end, it was a purposeless exercise,' Sison said.
One side effect could be a threat to the very existence of the Lib Dems, who look rudderless, purposeless and pointless.
Father Magsino misunderstood the whole idea of a purposeless physics and evolution.
Instead, you can turn them into cheap and delicious meals and food writer Lindsay-Jean Hard says: "What lies unused in one's fridge or pantry is not a purposeless object destined for the waste bin!" Her book, Cooking With Scraps, shows how to turn peels, cores, rinds and stems into delicious meals.
She said she decided to run because the All Progressive Congress APC-led federal and the major opposition, the People Democratic party, PDP administrations from 1999 till date were purposeless and that there appears not to be a government in place in Nigeria at present.
Amidst the great expanse of peril in sand and sun, there is to be found places of refuge, a cover, a resting place for the weary wanderer, the tired tourist, the itinerant migrant, the purposeless wayfarer.
Once a slightly slimy but essentially well-intentioned attorney, Jimmy in season four is increasingly cynical and uncaring, shell-shocked by a major loss, and tempted by petty, purposeless criminal schemes.
The world should know that we want peace and prosperity for our people devastated by a purposeless war for decades,' Ms Shaheen said.
It was a Cambodian capitulation that would have disappointed manager Honda and his head coach Felix Gonzalez as the team, after an assertive first half, looked purposeless in the second.
The conclusions also state that the parliament is of the opinion that 'the reports from the Final Report of the RS Government's Working Group on Srebrenica from 30 March and 30 September 2005 were prepared outside of the framework of the Decision of the Human Rights Chamber of BiH, under the inadequate and biased pressures of international representatives in BiH, and as such they are purposeless and redundant, and the RS Government should put them out of force'.
The First Division said it is 'purposeless and a superfluity' to still require the prosecution to describe each of the evidence it has presented considering that the court had already admitted all of them and affirmed that they are strong enough to secure a conviction for plunder if the accused will not present a counter-evidence.
Schools bring in new initiatives, their priorities change, each year we have a fresh input of students with differing needs, staff leave forcing us to forge new relationships with their successors and popular authors are overtaken by others rendering many of our connected activities purposeless. Sometimes it feels that we have to run just to maintain the status quo, let alone move forward.
Andrew Bacevich, calls these conflicts "purposeless wars." Hold those two powerful words in your mind for a moment, while we look at where we are today.
"If the people of Ireland have been let down, then it is in the management and deployment of scant resources to appease the need for purposeless data by those in power.
said that the elements indulged in purposeless criticism of public welfare initiatives were enemy of people's development and prosperity as some of the political elements were unnerved over fast development of the country.