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Synonyms for purpose-made

designed and constructed to serve a particular purpose

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A purpose-made shrine from stone or wood to me seems far more appropriate.
If you require doors, windows, a staircase, a custom-built kitchen, bedroom, media centre, home office/study or any individual, purpose-made timber item, Harvey McLean's craftsmen will turn your plans into reality.
The original purpose-made museum building was set up in the 1890s on a site stretching north-south between two streets just south of the main railway station.
Town gardens are the place for wrought iron gates and these can be bought off the shelf or purpose-made by a blacksmith.
There are several tarte varieties in the range - all with purpose-made cafe containers.
That action spurred entrepreneurs such as Reefmaker's Walter to develop a wide variety of purpose-made artificial reefs, most often of molded concrete.
Customers visiting the group's Eslington Park dealership in Gateshead have been discovering the eye-catching Ford STLine model range, with its purpose-made features and styling details.
Colin and Charolotte Bennett have created a wine shop and tasting room in their dining room - the long-term plan is to replace an old pig shed and build a purpose-made facility.
"Those who swallow packages like this are risking their lives and we are seeing more and more sophisticated purpose-made swallower packages which show the organisation behind this type of smuggling."
Then insulate pots with purpose-made garden fleece or bubble wrap - old newspapers will also do the job.
"He made me a pedal board in 1986 with a purpose-made supplier.
Sue Congreave, by email A Use an epoxy resin filler or a purpose-made acrylic repair kit.
| Say so long to weepy eyes when you're chopping |onions thanks to these purpose-made goggles - no more tears!
justacomment If you go to South Shields they actually included the model boat club into the plans with a purpose-made building.