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designed and constructed to serve a particular purpose


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British financial services organisation RBS on Friday reported that bakery chain Loaf has opened a purpose-designed bake-house to supply its three shops via funding from NatWest and Lombard.
The site will relocate from its existing premises in Dudley to a new 23,000 square-foot purpose-designed facility.
A NEW purpose-designed unit offering palliative care for patients in Tyneside has been officially opened.
Purpose-designed with luxury in mind, the Royal Development comprises a six-storey 65,000 sq ft prime commercial office building and a mixed use building including 46 luxury Apartments and eight penthouses together with a world class spa and select retail outlets.
But it's also a dedicated conference and events venue, purpose-designed for conferences, product launches, staff training and development, private parties, drinks receptions, dinners, adventure days and team building.
The core materials are made of powder composites with low magnetostriction that have been purpose-designed specifically for photovoltaic systems.
The company is able to offer a 48-hour connector assembly service by carrying a massive inventory of connector piece-parts and using purpose-designed machines to automate the assembly process.
It is then due to open in a new purpose-designed building at the front of Garston secondary St Benedict's site by 2012.
The investment by Welsh Industrial Partnership (WIP) on Swansea Vale's Central Business Park also includes a 38,000 sq ft purpose-designed distribution depot that has been pre-let to City Link.
Andy Ashton, managing partner of the FSC which now occupies 7,000 sq ft of purpose-designed offices, said the move to the Ricoh had been a success.
Rugeley Self Storage says its centre, which was purpose-designed, features hi-tech security.
4GHz Presenter from Targus has been purpose-designed to help business professionals concentrate on their words while they wirelessly control the visual side of their presentation.
The centre is financed through the local LIFT partnership, which brings together health and social care service providers with GPs and other community-based services into purpose-designed and built properties.
At airports around the world, ALSTEF integrates baggage handling equipment and purpose-designed software into new, extended and up-graded systems embodying sorutions devised to meet the volume and density of baggage throughput arising form predicted numbers of passengers.
The user can set up the logging rate and start time, and download the stored data by plugging the module straight into a PC's USB port and running the purpose-designed software under Windows 98, 2000 or XP.