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Synonyms for purple

of imperial status

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become purple

of a color intermediate between red and blue

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excessively elaborate or showily expressed

belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler

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Maelstrom opens the show with Roland, bathed in ominous purply light, a human
But the building's byways are brightened with occasional giant graphics (of Java's "coffee cup" symbol, for instance) or a wall of color (frequently Sun's trademark blue or purply pink).
He imagined the doctor pinning a torn, purply heart to his suture-embroidered torso.
She adds that burnished gem colors from the Victorian era, which create a feeling of nostalgia, are also in: deep, purply burgundies; dark, rich greens; and ochers.
And purply did the knot Swell with the venom and communicate Its rigor
Greater exactitude enters with the more stringent demands of realism, but I cannot recall seeing, until here, the scrotum painted in its natural purply hue, set off, as the organ in naked reality always is, from the ivories, lavenders, pinks and greens with which Freud shows the rest of the man's bare skin.
It is a tour deforce of spirited brushwork and glorious colour, with the violet-mauves of Roman's suit merging into the purply background.
Puff pastry, ready made 1 beetroot, either purply red or one of the striking heirloom varieties, roughly chopped 2 baby shallots, roughly sliced 30g unsalted butter 25g caster sugar 1/2tsp cumin seeds Little feta cheese, crumbed Knob unsalted butter Good handful spinach leaves Salt and pepper to taste Preheat the oven to 190C/375F/ gas mark 5.
it Thing is, you see, the walls are a precise shade of plummy dusky purple, the rug a very definite shade of dusky purply plum, and the lilac blossoms on the paintings I've just ordered are also a very specific shade of.
Generally, purply plum colours can be worn by women with dark hair and dark eyes.
Bogasari Sentral Flour Mill Intisari Flour Mill, PT Cooking Oil, Margarine: - Oil palm plantation: Salim Ivomas Pratama, PT Indriplant, PT Gunung Mas Raya, PT Serikat Putra, PT Cibaliung Tunggal Plantation, PT Indofood Agri Resources Pte Ltd Trading: Sawitra Oil Grain, PT Putri Daya Usahatam Prima Intipangan Sejati, PT Intranusa Citra, PT Tristara Makmur, PT Manggala Batama Perdana, PT Other processed food products Indofood Fritolay Makmur, PT & Distribution : Gizindo Primanusantara, PT Arthanugraha Mandiri, PT Indomarco Adi Prima, PT Inti Abadi Kemasindo, PT Cipta Kemas Abadi, PT Indoagri Inti Plantation, PT Indobahtera Era Abadi, PT Purply Holding BV Indofood International Finance Ltd Witty East Holding Co.
It is fantastic; nothing can beat the taste of purply home-grown asparagus - enjoy it while you can over the next six weeks or so.
The man, it would seem, performs a shamanistic rite; his extended hand and the five-fingered stalk are mates, both black with a purply glaze.
The foliage is splendid, with huge and handsome kidney-shaped leaves with a purply shade on the underside.
Here Monet's motif is rendered in a palette of purply blues.