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Synonyms for purplish-red

a red with a tinge of purple

of red tinged with purple


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According to researchers, there are a number of dragon fruit species, which vary from each other dominantly by their fruit flesh colors (pink, red, white, purplish-red, yellow etc) (Hamidah et al., 2017).
Each 12-ounce purplish-red fruit endures summer heat conditions well.
Dunelm Optical has launched women's ophthalmic frames in response to a particular colour appearing on the fashion catwalks for 2017 --hot-pink fuchsia, a vivid purplish-red colour.
Angiosarcomas typically present as a bruise or as multifocal, raised, purplish-red papulae.
Experts aver that these stones have an ability to change their colour: Green or bluish-green in daylight, and purplish-red or raspberry red in incandescent light.
Physical examination revealed a purplish-red nodular lesion with irregular borders 1 cm in diameter located at the old scar site on the left side of her forehead (Figure 1).
arachnoideum, is the best known, but 'Commander Hay' is a more impressive purplish-red show-stopper.
The material is drought-resistant; it is green with colorful flowers in the summertime and turns purplish-red in the fall.
The tongue may become purplish-red or magenta because of vascular proliferation and decreased circulation.
(5) 72 Tasteful in dress (7) 73 Distinguishing attribute (14) 75 Fruit machine option (5) 76 Long crusty white loaf (7) 78 Telescope part (8) 82 Extend over a large expanse (6) 84 Purplish-red colour (6) 91 Lack of enthusiasm (6) 93 Credit (9) 96 Large dish (7) 97 Aimed at (8) 100 Slice (of income) (7) 102 Punish (7) 104 Fire-breathing beast (6) 105 Person belonging to a club (6) 106 Tremble (5) 108 Fill with delight (5) 109 Former Celtic keeper, - - - Boruc (5) 111 Rested against (5) 112 Love affair (5) 114 Island where Napoleon was first exiled to (4) We are giving you the opportunity to beat your frustration and complete your crossword.
The skin turns from green to purplish-red and finally dark-purple or nearly black.
Purplish-red radicchio and treviso are cousins of head cabbage that you may want to save for special occasions, as they can be fairly expensive.
This evergreen shrub is also available with golden variegated leaves that provide a colourful backdrop to the purplish-red flowers that are produced in dense clusters on the ends of the branches.
Medium in size, the color is a lively red, deepening on the sun-exposed side to a purplish-red or nearly black.
Good varieties include North Holland Blood Red, a purplish-red variety to be sown in spring, which if left to keep growing produces delicious red onions which will see you into winter.