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Synonyms for purplish-black

of black tinged with purple


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Oval to oblong eggplants produce the large, oval-shaped, purplish-black eggplants seen in most supermarkets.
Blackberries These berries are abound in antioxidants, such as anthocyanin pigments, responsible for the purplish-black colour of blackberries and may impart health benefits because of their antioxidant properties.
They can be olive green, brown, red or purplish-black.
The Lenten rose, Helleborus orientalis, is generally green or cream flowered but also comes in many other colours, from speckled cream right through to purplish-black.
The patients' cutaneous lesions were described as dark red, dark purple, purplish-black, and black; six of the patients had "slough" lesions.
Look out for purplish-black patches on rose leaves caused by blackspot when the weather becomes cool and damp.
They hug the ground, monstrously frilled and folded, purplish-black mottled with grey.
She tries, she says, to remember the happy times: The way her daughter chuckled as she fed, her purplish-black eyes and the way she would raise her eyebrows.
The fruit, which ripens during the latter part of July and early August, is purplish-black.
The drake's head has a purplish-black sheen and often appears angular.
ABLACKspot is one of the most common and damaging diseases for roses, producing purplish-black blotches on the leavesl.
Black Chinese rice is a whole-grain rice with its purplish-black bran layer intact.
Like a squid, it can disorient a pursuer with a burst of purplish-black ink.
I've kept in touch with friends of friends, your telephone number hidden somewhere now even I can't remember, with your red and white checked summer cotton dress crumpling in a pile as you stepped out of it, and the 36C black bra, the purplish-black mascara those many times you wept, me always trying to take off your silk underpants, you always holding back, masturbating me ok, sucking on me ok, but never the whole way, except that once on my maiden aunt's couch, time grown dim to me now as your telephone number that had a 5 and a 1 and an 8 with four other digits completely blank.
An easy-to-use ingredient that amps up any game day menu is the Hass avocado, which is available year-round and can be identified by its dark, pebbly skin that generally turns from green to purplish-black when ripe.