purplish red

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a red with a tinge of purple

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Complexly color-zoned, the fluorite crystals are outwardly gray-brown and fairly dull-lustered, but are translucent enough for good lighting to show offset inner zones which are purplish red to almost cherry-red.
This causes a reversion of the bright red oxymyoglobin pigment, which consumers often associated with freshness, to myoglobin--which has a deep purplish red colour.
Leme summarised in his book Canistropsis: Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest that "Leaf colouration , whether green, red or purplish red, means little, however, within the range of variation shown by N.
Market research has taught retailers that customers will almost invariably choose bright red beef over purplish red beef, even though the latter actually is fresher.
In grows lusher with rich purplish red to borders, pair soil, regular water.
One of the best tasting "black" tomatoes; the term black is often used to describe tomatoes but the colour is actually a dark purplish red with green shoulders.
But the early wine, tasted from the barrel, shows right now the big potential it has: purplish red with an explosive and impressive fruitiness that is both balanced and delicate.
Bronze foliage in spring turning purplish red in autumn.
QI'M a middle-aged man and over the last few years, I've noticed my nose is becoming larger, lumpier and purplish red.
FAR LEFT BELOW: a brown pelican, Pelicanus occidentalis, nesting at dusk amid plumes of purplish red steam that rise from the frothy turmoil created when lava meets the sea.
Two blue-shadow human figures stand out against a splendid tapestry of life forms (yet are separated from the display by a railing, subtly reinforcing their position at the top of the food chain), while the foreground's reflective floor becomes an abstract fugue of squiggles and spots in blue, yellow, and purplish red.
And, unless the fishmonger has removed it, there will also be a fine purplish red veil.
Babies and the elderly are most likely to develop them and tell-tale signs include tender, itchy, purplish red swellings, normally in the foot.
Q I HAVE unsightly purplish red marks on the bottom of my legs.
When the blood is low in oxygen, the hemoglobin is a purplish red color.