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a pink dye that was discovered in 1859, the year a battle was fought at Solferino


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The plant produces purplish pink (0.7% white) flowers, which have medium to long peduncles.
This coloration is rather distinct from the lighter pink to purplish pink hues that are typically shown by Nigerian tourmaline.
According to the auctioneer Christie's in New York, "the modified square-cut fancy vivid purplish pink diamond transcends this exceptional Barbie into a historical investment piece."
'Rendatleri' with purplish pink flower spikes and the compact C.s.
Fragrant, white semidouble flowers emerge from pink buds, age to purplish pink. In fall, leaves turn yellow and red-orange.
Known as the queen of climbers, clematis is certainly one of the most versatile of climbing plants, so I was drawn to the Thorncroft Clematis Nursery stand where I found three new large flowered varieties: Barbara, a vivid purplish pink flower with lighter spots up to 6in across; Hania, a velvety purply-red with a pale pink margin and Julka, bright violet- purple with a deep purple red bar.
The plant produces purplish pink (0.2% white) flowers and has a medium/long peduncle.
Most of the tourmaline was yellowish green to green (60-70%) and orangy pink to purplish pink (30-40%); blue was rarely seen, unlike from the North Kivu area mentioned above.
One of the most popular is the climber Zephirine Drouhin, a vigorous variety with thornless stems that produces several flushes of fragrant purplish pink flowers.
In the other container, she paired warming colors--purple flowering kale, Antique Shades pansies, the variegated pink-and-white foliage of Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow', and the purplish pink and gray green leaves of 'Tricolor' sage--with icy ones, such as Sorbet Lilac Ice viola and dusty miller (Chrysanthemum ptarmiciflorum 'Silver Lace').
One of the pebbles showed an attractive 'neon' blue colour that is typical of Cu-bearing tourmaline (although not commonly encountered in unheated rough from Mavuco), and another one was a purplish pink that, for Cu-bearing tourmaline, is well-known to turn blue after heat treatment.
Silver Cup, an old favourite of mine, was among the winners and is well worth growing for its purplish pink flowers that are streaked on the inner petals with purplish red.
These named varieties offer a range of flower colors: 'Adams' (pink), 'Brandywine' (fragrant rosy pink doubles), 'Centurion' (rosy red), 'David' (white), 'Indian Magic' (deep pink), 'Indian Summer' (rosy red), 'Prairifire' (pinkish red), 'Profusion' (purplish pink), 'Robinson' (deep pink), 'Spring Snow' (fragrant white blooms; little or no fruit), and 'Thunderchild' (deep pink to rosy red).
When we climbed the moderately steep 1/2-mile trail through this upper-elevation forest 45 miles east of Glide late last June, the cool understory of Oregon grape and ferns was accented by purplish pink rhododendron blooms.