purplish blue

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a shade of blue tinged with purple


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What hits you first about Brachetto is the color (the pale salmon-pink comes from its short maceration period), then the aroma: the purplish blue berries are high in sugar when fermented they produce strong floral notes suggestive of red roses.
Hues of purplish blue, tints of white-rusted gold, shades of youthful viridity, all blending on the broken surface of this layered masterpiece.
You'll know you've found the Stream when the water turns a purplish blue and is moving east at speed.
The scape bracts and the floral bracts are noticeably the colour of those of the type, the petals, instead of being an intense purplish blue (cfr.
The TMAX comes in three colors: vivid red cocktail, dark purplish blue metallic, and black metallic X.
By placing a dark cloth over my head to block ambient light, I was able to get a decent view of a purplish blue Sun with plenty of light areas surrounding dark sunspots.
A biennial usually grown as an annual, it bears pink, purplish blue, or white blooms on 1- to 3-foot stems.
Hampered by the forced intimacy, they watched through a tiny porthole as the Bathysphere lurched downward and the multicolored world darkened to a purplish blue. At 800 feet, Beebe began seeing what he'd been hoping for: weird, fierce, luminescent sea creatures no one had seen before.
Shell color types were visually divided into two groups, one of which was a greenish type (green to bluish-green but not light and purplish blue) and the other a bluish type (light-blue to purplish-blue with greenish color) as shown in Figure 1.
We set up in some oaks on the edge of a green meadow filled with purplish blue lupines, yellow buttercups, white baby blue eyes and the occasional brilliant orange California poppy--a scene that could have come straight out of "The Sound of Music." But it wasn't Julie Andrews singing in the distance; it was four hot gobblers and one angry hen.
For a silver-blue dwarf specimen,go for C pisifera Boulevard, whose feathery foliage goes purplish blue in winter.
Fortunately Autumn Glory is not one of them because its deep purplish blue flowers and stems burnished with bronze, and dark green leaves edged with red, make a striking contribution to pots and borders at this time of year.
The background of the picture, split into two separate color fields, one green, the other a light purplish blue, further confuses the senses.
Springborn takes in this first bunting of the day--his purplish blue head, lemon-lime back and blazing scarlet underparts and eye ring.
and purplish blue. * For a time, turkeys were bred more