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Synonyms for purplish

of a color intermediate between red and blue


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"Whereupon I rapped him smartly, and he choked and turned purplish.
Then the prisoner was sworn--a forlorn object, haggard and unshorn, with an arm done up in a filthy bandage, a cheek and head cut, and bloody, and one eye purplish black and entirely closed.
For the last few years your nose has got bigger, redder and purplish in colour.
He said that he had observed as the weather becomes progressively cold, the combs of his Kienyeji cockerels were turning purplish or bluish especially in the mornings.
Indeed they are all super wearable, a highly pigmented mix of brown, grey, nude and purplish shades.
CAIRO: An endless rant was sparked on social media regarding the 'purplish' colored-bus set to transport Egypt's national team during the FIFA World Cup.
Since I've been taking the medication, my toes have turned a purplish color.
An RHS award-winning plant, Euonymus alatus has vivid fiery red foliage in autumn followed by purplish seed pods that will attract birds to your garden.
A 13-year-old male presents with a rash that began as purplish spots on several fingers of the right hand and progressed over 2 months to involve all 10 fingers.
For added flavour, try Thai basil, with its purplish colour and mild anise flavour.
This coloration is rather distinct from the lighter pink to purplish pink hues that are typically shown by Nigerian tourmaline.
(www.burberry.com) ROSE QUARTZ QUAD GIVE your smoky eye routine a seasonal switch, with the Givenchy Vinyl Prisme Quatuor Metallic Reflection set, PS38.50, a quartet of pink and purplish tones.
Despite pockets of purplish prose, The Human Age is a well-crafted and often compelling book: Orangutans with iPads, self-aware robots, and visionary fishermen are characters in her expansive story of how human advancement affects our lives and our environment.
It's very tall - 6ft to10ft in height - and between June and October produces clusters of purplish pink (or rarely white) helmet-shaped $owers.
Then there were the purplish ones and the bright red ones that had some tartness.