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He tells us about the mythic and scientific sources for Prince's purpleness, but less about his music's blackness, aside from obvious factors like syncopation.
At your inaugural, you called on Americans to set aside "childish things." And who can forget your electrifying speech at the 2004 convention, extolling the pragmatic purpleness of most of America?
Keys is even hotter on "This Bed." From her uncanny Prince-like falsetto to purring suggestive come-on lines such as "These king-size sheets/Need more than just a queen/In between them," Keys is such a dead ringer for his Royal Purpleness that unsuspecting listeners might think Prince has come out of the closet.
(36.) Professor Robert Vanderbei at Princeton has produced a great set of maps that graphically illustrate the nation's persistent political purpleness. See Robert J.
And in contrast to his perfectly petite purpleness, my date was more than 6ft 2in and, erm, quite fat.
Perhaps regular exposure has imbued a sense of purpleness within us all which, perhaps, also links to the fact that the city is still estimated to house 30% of all UK Catholics, who associate the colour with penitence, mourning and suffering.
As with his Purpleness, The Police gave the crowd what they wanted - greatest hits - along with a good smattering of some of their catchy album tracks - Voices Inside My Head, Driven To Tears two worthy of mention.
Embarrassment and purpleness and cruelty could remain in the text.