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a United States military decoration awarded to any member of the armed forces who is wounded in action

a long-acting barbiturate used as a sedative

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Purpleheart and apitong are also denser than other woods, so you'll need a carbide blade to cut them.
Popular species include: red and white oak, maple, black walnut, American cherry, Brazilian cherry, mahogany, santos mahogany, poplar, wenge, purpleheart and ash.
Some genera of the tribe Detarieae yield commercial timbers, particularly Copaifera, Eperua, Hymenaea, and Peltogyne, this last is known as "Purpleheart" high-quality wood that is widely appreciated for its unusual color and resistance to insects (JUNAC 1981, INIA 1996, Barneby et al.
And it is here that he stocks the woods of which he is so proud, some 25 types, from mahogany and ebony to the exotic amazaque, pink ivory, purpleheart, vahuatnu and Tasmanian blackwood.
Included in this group are purpleheart and greenheart, ipe (pau lope), jarrah, and other introductions.
Numerous little rectangular holes in the carcase, situated in line with the design of the veneer border of the drop-front and the purpleheart fretwork of the marquetry on the side of the desk, and invisible once the marquetry is glued in position, could be seen in the X-ray photographs (Fig.
We used rock maple and purpleheart (Rockler, 800-279 4441; www.rockler.com), but any dense, contrasting hardwoods will work.
The shipment, valued at US$191,500, included greenheart, shibadan, mora, andiroba, purpleheart and jatoba lumber.
Species available include redwood, Douglas fir and madrone, black cherry and red oak, and even some tropical woods Such as rosewood and purpleheart.
Certified lumber comes in a variety of species--western woods such as redwood, Douglas fir, and madrone; eastern hardwoods such as black cherry and red oak; and even tropicals such as rosewood and purpleheart. Recently, plywood and veneers have been certified, making it easier to build furniture entirely of good wood.
One Washington attorney, who thought that neglecting floors was a worse omission than not polishing shoes, installed purpleheart wood as a border around his cherry-plank office floor.
Photo: Stripes of maple and purpleheart angle across this round teak cheeseboard
As for me, I'm prone to carrying a slate-style call, and my hard-faced crystal-over-slate instrument from Backwoods Calls scratched with a heavy, dense purpleheart striker produced the sounds the birds obviously wanted to hear.