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(of flowers) showing purple markings that resemble veins

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WHY WE LOVE IT All peppers are pretty, but this one is exceptional--purple flowers, purple-veined leaves, and shiny near-black fruit.
Why not try Mizuna Purple, a new pretty purple-veined variety from Mr Fothergill's or the spicy Mustard Red Giant.
OUTSIDE, snowflakes, dancing like stringpuppets, fell from a purple-veined sky of grey sacks; still occasionally pierced by the frozen sun, and these flakes tickled the wet black noses of dogs straining on their leads.
* 'Kolibri: (Hybrid) 45 days: purple-veined leaves: fiberless white flesh (2.
Phillips loses his way at times in suggesting that, like the Spanish, Dutch, and British empires before it, the United States is poised on the brink of collapse, "purple-veined with years of high living, lips curled with the insolence of great wealth." But he is right that current Republican priorities are out of whack.