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having purple spots

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zebrina; both display narrowly linear leaves, a yellow medial stripe at the base on outer tepals, filaments purple-spotted along the column, similar capsules and seeds; however H.
It is a non-native, purple-spotted, hollow-stemmed, 3- to 6-foot-tall plant that looks like a giant Queen Anne's lace.
A TEAM of researchers from Australia and the United States have uncovered new marine life, including fiery red coral and purple-spotted sea anemones, in deep waters off the Australian state of Tasmania.
Scape erect, stout, 70-75 cm long, 0.7-0.8 cm in diameter, distinctly exceeding the leaves; scape bracts the basal ones foliaceous, the upper ones narrowly ovate, 3-4 x 2-3.5 cm, erect and enfolding the scape, distinctly exceeding the internodes, yellowish-green densely purple-spotted, apex apiculate.
O'Kane and manager-buyer Erin Rosenow show great imagination with grab-and-go indoor plants, like purple-spotted orchids in dove gray-glazed containers and tone-on-tone arrangements of ferns in chunky lime green cachepots.
A member of the Aster family, it has a purple-spotted stem, leaves in whorls of 4 or 5, and flat-topped flower clusters.
(Sulley) Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman), a large, blue/green, purple-spotted furry monster with a scary roar but a heart of gold.