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having purple flowers

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The ratio of white- to purple-flowered plants in each array was 1:1 using mostly plants grown in the greenhouse from seed collected in the wild, although we sometimes incorporated wild, rooted plants into arrays.
The locations for the three arrays were chosen to have one where the background wild population was made up of both white- and purple-flowered plants (Array 1), one where the background population was exclusively purple-flowered plants (Array 2), and one where the background population was exclusively white-flowered plants (Array 3).
Bumblebees (presumably Bombus vosnesenskii at Array 1) visited both white- and purple-flowered plants, whereas the four other types of bees visited purple-flowered plants almost exclusively.
Alternatively, you may also find that lilac does well - either the white or the purple-flowered form.
A: The purple-flowered Buddleia davidii - buddleja, as it is now known botanically - blooms in summer on shoots which have grown fully the same year and also, to some extent, on older wood.