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Synonyms for purple-blue

of blue tinged with purple

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The Portuguese Man of War - also know as bluebottles - are purple-blue in colour and they trail stinging tentacles up to 22 metres long.
It's resilient and attractive as from autumn to spring, small pale yellow bell-shaped flowers are produced in arching chains above its dark green leathery leaves, often followed by purple-blue berries.
Ninety-eight college students were asked to indicate their emotional responses to five principle hues (i.e., red, yellow, green, blue, purple), five intermediate hues (i.e., yellow-red, green-yellow, blue-green, purple-blue, and red-purple), and three achromatic colors (white, gray, and black) and the reasons for their choices.
But they are more purple-blue than true blue, like on the American flag.
Our lips and fingers were stained purple-blue when we got home.
Roddick came into the match on the made-for-television purple-blue cement full of confidence after his upset third-round win over top-seeded Brazilian Gustavo Kuerten.
Kenny said: "The car lit up in a flash with a great purple-blue colour.
Lilac to purple-blue flowers appear on tall, stiff stems from summer through fall.
The collection encompasses 38 pieces in four glass colors -- a purple-blue made with pure gold (Royal Purple), an iridescent pearl white (Pinstripes), a soft jade green (Sea Green) in both stain and iridescent surfaces, and Cranberry.
In Europe, a purple-blue version with a particularly stylish spur lures buumblebees.
Rose Rhapsody in Blue produces attractive purple-blue flowers from June to October each year.
3) Yellow works on olive to dark skin to cancel out purple-blue under-eye circles and dark skin discoloration.
Good cultivars of this type include 'Barr's Purple', 'Ruby Giant', which produces red-purple flowers, and 'Whitewell Purple', with purple-blue wide opening flowers.
It's a gorgeous purple-blue colour that's possibly more suited to the winter months than the forthcoming spring ones, but who cares?
Hebes come in many sizes, but the most popular include H 'autumn Glory', which grows up to 90cm and bears purple-blue flowers from June to November.