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of black tinged with purple

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Beginning with the 2013 growing season, we compared 60 row feet of 'Nadia with 22 feet each of 'Epic,' 'Traviata,' and 'Florida High Bush.' All have tall, upright plants; large, purple-black, tear-drop- or pear-shaped fruit; and claimed to be heat-tolerant.
In each tree's purple-black sub-strata soils --every
AAronia melanocarpa, also known as black chokeberry, is a lovely shrub bearing creamy white flower clusters in the spring and deep purple-black berries in the summer.
As you can see, the flowers are small and profuse and are purple-black with a yellow centre.
Among my favourites is Tulipa "Queen of Night", whose tall, strong stems carry silky, purple-black flowers.
From the southwest, billows of purple-black clouds with bright-flashing bellies hurtled toward us.
Remove rose leaves that are already showing the tell-tale purple-black blotch symptoms of blackspot.
Heronswood Nursery (heronswood.com or 877/674-4714) has gorgeous double mauve 'Kingston Cardinal', purple-black 'Onyx Odyssey', and pink speckled 'Phoebe' (above).
Physical examination demonstrated purple-black tender toes, bluish feet, cold up to both knees and decreased sensation to touch bilaterally without dermatomal distribution.
Black Lace (Sambuscus nigra Eva) first appeared several years ago as a 6- to 8-foot shrub with finely divided, purple-black foliage.
Their purple-black hue indicates a high concentration of anthocyanins, which have been linked to cancer prevention in humans.
Think of deep violets, such as viola tricolor `Bowles Black' or morning glory Ipomoea purpurea `Kniola's Purple-black' and you have the right idea.
Sometimes the result will be a brown-black or even a purple-black. When I ebonize a wood such as ash, for instance, I want a black, dramatic look, so I put on several coats of stain because I don't want any yellow coming through.