purple saxifrage

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plants forming dense cushions with bright reddish-lavender flowers

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As with the Tanquary Fiord long-term phenology monitoring study, I found that the flowering time temperature-sensitivity of mountain avens was twice that of purple saxifrage, and that seed dispersal times of mountain avens showed temperature-sensitivity, while those of purple saxifrage did not.
The crevices (grykes) of the limestone pavements provide the right sheltered and shady conditions for relatively rare plants like purple saxifrage, yellow saxifrage, alpine meadow grass, hoary whitlow grass, lesser meadow-rue, wall lettuce, and baneberry.
In Iqaluit (pronounced "Eehalooeet"), a warm, desiccating westerly wind raises whitecaps on nearby Frobisher Bay and rustles carpets of purple saxifrage flowers as people emerge from their overheated houses (which have been built to absorb every scrap of passive solar energy) with ice cubes wrapped in hand towels.
* Floral Emblem: Purple Saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia)
Arctic |the stunning visitors could Scenes switch from the Arctic desert of Torellneset, where thigmotactic walruses snuggle together on shingle beaches and diminutive purple saxifrage grow in ancient whale graves, to the brilliant 30m ice cliffs of Brasvellbreen, caving to form a sea of Slush Puppy.
Y warden cyntaf oedd Evan Roberts, y Gelli ac mae'n disgrifio'n hudolus sut y daeth ar draws y blodyn bach tlws, y tormaen cyferbynddail neu'r tormaen porffor (Saxifraga oppositifolia; purple saxifrage) a hyn yn ei arwain i chwilio am ragor o flodau ar hyd y llethrau.
The beautiful purple saxifrage, a remnant from the last Ice Age which hangs on to a few cliffs on Snowdon, is now flowering a month earlier in its last refuge in Wales.
Plants like dwarf willow and birch, juniper, roseroot, mountain sorrel and purple saxifrage thrived.
On the ledges, beyond the reach of people and goats, grow moss campion, mountain avens, Welsh poppy, alpine lady's mantle, Snowdon Lily and purple saxifrage.