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large North American martin of which the male is blue-black

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It was the first of more than 103 young martins the two would remove temporarily from the nests that July 12 morning as part of a purple martin research and conservation project.
The purple martin is a member of the swallow family and is well-known for living in man-made nest boxes.
I found the robin-sized purple martin still doing rocket imitations at the edge of the lake.
Wade proclaimed the martin as "America's most wanted bird." Whether or not this is true, there is no doubt that many people love purple martins, and those who have a colony in their yards feel fortunate to serve as "landlords" to these handsome and gregarious avians.
Red-Winged Blackbird Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Scarlet Tanager Purple Martin House Wren Indigo Bunting Cedar Waxwing Bluebird Bald Eagle Brown Pelican Turkey Herring Gull Mallard Duck Common Loon Canada Goose Great Blue Heron Red-Tailed Hawk Common Barn Owl Ring-Necked Pheasant Northern Bobwhite
Similarly, purple martin (Progne subis) parents increased the frequency of feeding visits to larger broods but did not deliver heavier boluses (Walsh, 1978).
Living with parasites: Prevalence of a blood parasite and its effects on survivorship in the purple martin. Auk 110:109-116.
Fish and Wildlife Service's Breeding Bird Survey, a majority of the 254 birds tracked between 1966 and 1991 have increased in population, including the wood duck, loon, great blue heron, Canada goose, osprey, purple martin, robin, Eastern bluebird, and Baltimore oriole.
Best bet: Purple martin can using nest boxes at several local spots, including Fern Ridge Lake, Tenmile Lake (south of Florence) and along the Willamette River upstream from the Independence bridge.
Purple martin, the largest member of the swallow family in Oregon, may be seen using nest boxes on snags at Fern Ridge Reservoir and south of Florence at Ten Mile Lake near the boat launch.
Best bets: Purple martin may be seen using nest boxes on snags at Fern Ridge Reservoir and south of Florence at Ten Mile Lake near the boat launch.
COUNTRYSIDE: The advice given to the Cowlishaws (85/3:18) to control mosquitoes by putting up purple martin housing will not work for two reasons.
It all started, according to Twila, when she got her husband, Kelly, a purple martin house for Father's Day.
Specially designed attractions include abundant quantities of fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables; a well-stocked fishing pond; a triple-deck tree house; old-fashioned swings hanging from tall pecan trees; animals for children to feed and admire; several barnyard cats which also serve as pets, a workshop where the little ones can imitate their grandfather as he builds a purple martin bird house; wildflowers; fresh air, summer sunshine, and, yes, hard work.
Plantscape Nursery in Herrin is offering a free purple martin seminar at 10 a.m.