purple gallinule

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The Purple Gallinule is thought to originate from the Far East but debate has raged about whether the visitor to Saltney's Balderton Brook is an escapee from a local collection or a genuine migrant.
It's home to the very rare purple gallinule, a type of moorhen.
Black and White Ruffed Lemurs, Black Lemurs, Ring Tailed Lemurs and Collared Lemurs share a large and extensively planted area with birds such as Night Herons, Madagascan Teal and Purple Gallinule. Visitors are free to enter and follow the path through the enclosure to view these species at close range.
In summer, the unusual purple gallinule (a local oddity with "extremely long toes, iridescent green back, purple head and underparts, blue frontal shield of naked skin on forehead, red bill with yellow tip") likes to hang out around small bodies of water and can be seen at the Tallahatchie National Wildlife Refuge near Grenada.
Even within this set of animals, the reader learns of finer distinctions: a bird known as the purple gallinule spreads its wide feet to balance on beach grasses; the wide feet of a pelican help it mount a speedy takeoff, and the webbed feet of a loon are set far back on its body to help it dive.