purple clover

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erect to decumbent short-lived perennial having red-purple to pink flowers

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On a purple clover ball, With so many a fine, soft petal.
Do you see through the eyes of a child, Has the magic gone, Or are you still beguiled, Do you see the wonder in a green field, Yellow buttercups, purple clover, dandelions that yield, Do you run with the wind in your hair, With all the time in the world, with no worries or care, Do you think of a distant memory, Hear a song with a certain melody, Do you look up at the sunshine, On a beautiful day, To see a bee buzz by, going their way to make honey, Or a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly, Or a dragonfly change directions, mid-air in the sky As they twist their wings, and hover around In six directions over water or ground Do you smell a certain smell A forest with a carpet of bluebell Is there a mystery in life you cannot tell.
The search terms used were: red clover, isoflavones, Trifolium pratense, cow clover, meadow clover, purple clover, beebread, trefoil, isoflavonoids, daidzen, genistein, formononetin, biochanin, legume, menopause, promensil, rimostil, phytoestrogens, hot flush and hot flash.
Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, sea aster, purple clover, evening primrose and ragwort all bloom there, but most of therank vegetation is going over for the year.
People also need colors like your white tail against the green grass under a blue sky that holds a yellow sun that shines on the purple clover. Well, all these colors help Farmer Jim and his family to make it through the day."