purple clematis

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climber of northeastern North America having waxy purplish-blue flowers

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PURPLE PATCH Decorate sunny or partially shaded walls and free-standing trellis with purple Clematis Warsaw Nike threaded through soft pink Comtesse de Bouchard.
On the E Class stamp you'll find the purple Clematis Arabella while the 42p stamp shows the Militonia French Lake from Colombia -known as a pansy orchid.
One of the best combinations is the mauvy purple Clematis 'Jackmanii' with the 'American Pillar' climbing rose.
Double blooms Autumn interest Cloak of flowers Pots of colour Colour match Focal point Deep purple clematis looks wonderful trailing over an arch which also supports a cascade of roses
Good choices include Rosa `New Dawn' which is pink and quite fragrant, with the double purple Clematis `Jackmanii Superba'.
Giant purple clematis flowers and buds smother a fence which runs the length of the path.
Q I HAVE two deep purple clematis growing, but parts of them are withering, while the rest of the plant is flowering.
THE backdrop for this purple clematis is an old trellis in Lavender and fence in Natural Stone from Cuprinol Garden Shades, pounds 8.99 per litre (0870 444 1111, www.cuprinol.co.uk).
Soon we will take the opportunity to prune the purple clematis jackmannii and rose dorothy perk ins that are trained on rustic poles.
Purple clematis teamed with nasturtiums make this a perfect place to sit and get away from it all' Pictures: GARDEN PICTURE LIBRARY
To each side are square flower beds of roses,both deep red and peachy yellow,and in each corner more rustic poles of Dorothy Perkins, this time fighting for position with purple Clematis jackmannii.
The purple Clematis jackmanii Superba makes a striking contrast to the acid green foliage of Lonicera nitida Baggesen Gold or Spiraea Goldflame and the pink and white candy-striped Clematis Carnaby with the plum-coloured leaves of berberis or cotinus.