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an outer adjacent area of any place

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It's 53 years since I departed from the purlieus of Middlesbrough and my point may have been made several times before and since.
There are several further references to the choir, all associated with communal occasions removed from ecclesiastical purlieus.
But in everyday New York City parlance--even outside the purlieus of the Jewish world--it has come to mean "a dope, a jerk, a boob; a clumsy, bumbling fellow.
I suppose I cannot really blame Virgin Trains for having a window shot out with an air-rifle in the purlieus of Birmingham, although I suspect the perpetrator to have been a disgruntled former passenger.
EAST ANGLIA: Walberswick, Suffolk (partly open); Bedford Purlieus, Cambs.
Bradshaw's worship of "Conversion,"--a "Goddess even now engaged in the heat of India, the mud and swamp of Africa, the purlieus of London"--symbolizes the way in which imperialism is not a solely `foreign' project (99).
Bailed up one night in the region of the Street of the Seven Sisters, the mention of his name secured us an unmolested passage through the purlieus of the Arab quarter.
A terrace surrounds the completed block, with a natural random rubble wall defining the immediate purlieus.
Thinking aloud can be a risky exercise, particularly so in the leafy purlieus of London NW3, the British capital of psychoanalysis.
In Chapter 10 the author shows how the paranormal is by definition beyond the purlieus of science and therefore how science has very successfully ignored it.
During their six-hour stay in the city the Royal couple traversed about eighteen miles of streets; and, whether one regarded the welo-do purlieus of Edgbaston or the drab stretches of Lichfield Road, every where there was manifested a spirit of gladness and ebullient friendliness that expressed itself in fitful cheers synchronising with the passing of the Royal car, in excited flourishings of flags or in waving hands that spoke of the universal goodwill.
But Proportion has a sister, less smiling, more formidable, a Goddess even now engaged - in the heat and sands of India, the mud and swamp of Africa, the purlieus of London, wherever in short the climate or the devil tempts men to fall from the true belief which is her own - even now engaged in dashing down shrines, smashing idols, and setting up in their place her own stern countenance.
Compson tells Quentin that "in a shadowy miasmic region something like the bitter purlieus of Styx had produced two children" (54-55).
the woman who had quitted home and kin on a flood of tears and in a shadowy miasmic region something like the bitter purlieus of Styx had produced two children and then rose like the swamp-hatched butterfly, unimpeded by weight of stomach and all the heavy organs of suffering and experience, into a perennial bright vacuum of arrested sun.
I can see him corrupting Henry gradually into the purlieus of ellegance .