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an outer adjacent area of any place

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There were sightings of the cat convoy along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal as the legion of felines headed for the green suburbs, far away from the smoky purlieus of Scotland Road.
Phillip Cassey may wish to quaff his cafe au lait at Les Deux Magots while others enjoy their Venti Cafe Misto in the familiar purlieus of a Parisian Starbucks.
Cross's diaries are a great help in understanding the fate of the Drury Lane company in the hands of James Lacy and David Garrick during the 1740s and 50s, but Stede's has an intimate flavour entirely absent from the other, giving us a taste of one man's constant efforts to live a godly life even within the purlieus of that most godless place, the theatre.
Theis' "'The purlieus of heaven': Milton's Eden as a Pastoral Forest," animates seventeenth-century land law and land usage debates, as well as the pastoral tradition, and Theis argues compellingly that Milton engages in the contemporary discourse about woodlands and ecological responsibility through his treatment of Eden in Paradise Lost as a forest wilderness.
Imagine, no real Impressionists, except De Nittis, and he spent most of his career working in the more sympathetic purlieus of Paris.
Of course, his reputation beyond the purlieus of the Left now rests mainly on his two last books, Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four.
The necessary consequences of conduct such as this soon became apparent, his business, to which, on gaining his freedom, he had paid strict attention, was now neglected, but instead of endeavouring, by exertion, to extricate himself from the difficulties which began to surround him--he plunged yet deeper into a life of dissipation, frequenting the purlieus of the tap both night and day.
It's 53 years since I departed from the purlieus of Middlesbrough and my point may have been made several times before and since.
In his autobiography, Anthony Trollope says that the idea for The Warden came to him on a surveying trip near Winchester, "whilst wandering there on a midsummer evening round the purlieus of the cathedral.
Being haunted by the empty room and its liminal sense of incipient absence, the looming fact of new occupancy, of time moving on and ejecting us from these well-known purlieus that yet contain all the numen of utter otherness, has made me ask, as I did not think to ask before, what is a room?
There are several further references to the choir, all associated with communal occasions removed from ecclesiastical purlieus.
But in everyday New York City parlance--even outside the purlieus of the Jewish world--it has come to mean "a dope, a jerk, a boob; a clumsy, bumbling fellow.
A small group meeting with the country's chief executive in a White House locale rich in historical associations and consequence can have intimidating power even for those who aren't strangers to Authority's purlieus.
I suppose I cannot really blame Virgin Trains for having a window shot out with an air-rifle in the purlieus of Birmingham, although I suspect the perpetrator to have been a disgruntled former passenger.
EAST ANGLIA: Walberswick, Suffolk (partly open); Bedford Purlieus, Cambs.