purl stitch

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a basic knitting stitch


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make with purl stitches

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Rib-knit sizes are based on the number of knit stitch wales and purl stitch wales.
Lynsey, 27, said: "My flatmate Jen and I had a knitting circle for about three years and the boys would often come over and try to get to grips with their purl stitch.
"Knitting really only has two stitches - a knit stitch and a purl stitch and if you can master those you can make anything at all."
Pull the needle through the fabric, and then away from you, creating a purl stitch on the long edge.
The fun basketweave pattern at the bottom is worked in simple knit and purl stitches, perfectly complementing the seed stitch top.
Yes, we go on to learn ways to twist, mix, and play with those stitches, but the combinations you can get from simple knit and purl stitches really are amazing.
The brilliant and reversible diamond pattern is easily created with simple knit and purl stitches. Follow the chart or the written instructions to quickly knit this cozy design.
Easy knit and purl stitches add wonderful texture to a simple pullover.
So although Row 2 appears to begin with three purl stitches, these stitches should actually be knit--from the right side, they'll show as purl stitches.
Projects for first-time knitters using basic knit and purl stitches.
* During shaping, if there are not enough stitches to work each decrease with its companion yarnover, knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. Body CO 92 (104, 116, 128, 140) sts.
Since the hand knitter can never feed the wool into the crux of the needles with exactly the same tension each time, there is an unavoidable rhythm in the purl stitches, an index of the yarn slowly becoming tight and relaxing as a new length of fiber is pulled from the hank.