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Synonyms for puree

food prepared by cooking and straining or processed in a blender

rub through a strainer or process in an electric blender

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McHugh created the wraps by pureeing each fruit or vegetable in her laboratory, diluting the substance with water, and then pouring it onto Teflon plates.
It can puree soup while it is boiling hot; make sauce from cooked apples, tomatoes, and pumpkin; remove the seeds from fresh berries while pureeing them; and mash potatoes without lumps.
Add 1/2 cup lime juice (in blender, add juice while pureeing fruit) and 2 tablespoons sugar.
If you purchase your pumpkin from a grower, ask about the varieties best for cooking and pureeing.
If desired, remove skins easily after roasting and before pureeing spread.
The homemade sweetened condensed milk versions shared by several readers over the years are made by pureeing powdered milk, water, sugar and sometimes butter or margarine together.
Put watermelon pieces into a blender, in batches, pureeing until smooth.
Fake ``creaminess'' in vegetable soups by removing a cup or so from the pot, pureeing it in a blender and returning it to pot.