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Synonyms for pureblood

Synonyms for pureblood

a pedigreed animal of unmixed lineage

having a list of ancestors as proof of being a purebred animal

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Cervantes's interlude turns on a fake tableau that only legitimate and pureblood Christians are privileged to see.
What does Judaism have to say about mudbloods, the derogatory term Rowling's characters use for those in the magical world who are not pureblood wizards and have at least one human parent?
Civil-union schemes, then, are instruments in the institutionalization of Heterosexual Supremacy, just as, in the racist's mind, letting a black man marry a white woman would not just besmirch Whiteness, but would also destroy the very ritual, pureblood marriage, by which Caucasians are initiated into Whiteness, are made White, and so further would destroy Whiteness itself, what it means to be White.
A pureblood girl born into a werewolf family is torn between her family and the people she really loves, a boy trying only to do the right thing, silver bloods and werelings.
Pureblood: A pureblood refers to someone who is born to two magical parents while a Muggle is someone who does not have any magical powers, and they tend to be ignorant of the world of witches and wizards.
P for Pureblood: A pureblood is someone who is born to two magical parents, while a squib is someone who was born to a wizarding family but cannot do magic.
La ceba offers a masterful parody of reality in a land whose natives strive to remain pure despite the avalanche of "impure" xarnego immigrants, many of whom, paradoxically, will become, in time, more Catalanist than the pureblood Catalans.
Also on the agenda is the popular horse auction on Saturday where 100 pureblood Arabian horse breeds will go on sale.
The boy Spock is a child of two worlds, and is instigated toward violent reaction by pureblood Vulcan children as a result; the young Spock struggles throughout the film to find an appropriate Vulcan-human balance, an internal conflict that is supposedly settled by a chance encounter between the young Spock and the old.
With this brilliant twist, we discover that Dumbledore has more in common than we could have imagined with Snape, a pureblood supremacist who was snapped to his senses and brought to the side of right by the tragic death of a loved one--for which he was at least indirectly responsible.
those they've labeled as apostates - a political version of the purebloods and mudbloods in Harry Potter's world.
He celebrates Purebloods and despises any wizards with muggle lineage--derogatively referred to as Mudbloods.